Charli XCX Possibly Writing For Gwen

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In her new Billboard cover story, singer-songwriter Charli XCX shared that not only is “Let Me Blow Ya Mind” her favorite female collaboration song “in the past 20 years”, but also revealed that she’s either written or is possibly writing music for Gwen. The article says that Charli is “looking to extend” the “extraordinary run of female collaborations” by writing for Gwen.

Charli most notably collaborated with Iggy Azalea on the smash hit “Fancy” as well as her own single “Boom Clap” which is currently taking over the charts.

Photo courtesy of Terry Richardson.

33 Replies to “Charli XCX Possibly Writing For Gwen”

  1. The actual article says “As Billboard has learned, Charli’s looking to extend this extraordinary run of female collaborations by writing songs for Rihanna and Gwen Stefani”. It seems like she’s looking forward write, more like she wants it, instead of been actually writing. 😛

    1. Gotcha! I think it could go either way, like it’s saying that she’s looking forward to because she already has written or possibly might… we’ll have to see! I appreciate it though.

  2. Every time a new collaborator is listed I become increasingly skeptical. 90 percent of them seem to be flashes in the pan. I understand the desire to make this album very current sounding but pop music nowadays is so vapid. I personally don’t want to hear anything that sounds “very now”. Especially pop music. I wish Gwen would be thinking more outside the box. Aside from pop and hip hop lite, there are no other genres here!

  3. I like some of her music actually. Its kind of goth pop. She has an interesting style. She is a welcome addition in my books!

  4. I actually had a dream last night that I was listening to “Baby Dont Lie” lol! I remember thinking the song sounded mysterious and I had never heard Gwen do anything like it before. Also thought it was extremely catchy. Haha we will see what it actually sounds like.

  5. All of these possible collaborations have me a little worried… I hope I end up liking the songs, because, I’m not really fans of the collaborators.

  6. For some reason people think this girl sounds like Gwen, but I never heard a resemblance. I’m not crazy about this rumor, but I trust Gwen’s judgement and it doesn’t mean it’s true or even going to be used.

  7. It seems like interscope came down with a decree for Gwen to release another solo and got as much of the hit makers to participate n make it a successful album. There’s a lot riding into this effort from fashion lines, collaborations, and no doubt

  8. I hope they do collaborate… At first I thought it was Gwen singin Boom Clap… I could totally hear Gwen sing that song 🙂

  9. I have a friend at her record label and she 100% confirmed gwen is not collaborating on any of these. She is just going in and recording what they wrote for her. She isn’t writing anything like she helped with her other records. Hope it is still great! I do miss ND and hope she does too.

  10. Yeah I think Charli sounds a lot like Gwen on some of her songs and I actually like her music. Could be interesting.

  11. I think that these rumoured collaborators are more Interscope shoves than Gwen picks. When it comes to putting the album together, however – or even recording -, Gwen will have the last word for it. Top artists like Gwen have hundreds of songs written for them, but it doesn’t mean they’ll record it. I think this album will be a Pharrel+G almost entirely.

  12. @Laurie if that is the case I will be so disappointed! I want to hear Gwen sing about her life experiences that she wrote about. If she has nothing to do with the writing then I am not looking too forward to this new era anymore. I fell in love with Gwen for her honest lyrics!

    1. Have you ever listened to Gwen’s previous solo albums? Basically all of the songs have personal lyrics, even the “party” songs such as WIU and Yummy told personal stories from her life. Seriously, some people act like this is the first time she has other people writing and producing songs for her. L.A.M.B. had sooooooooooooooooooo many different writers and producers, yet it was full of Gwen’s own ideas and themes. Just relax, Gwen knows what she’s doing and she knows what kind of music will work for her.

  13. Even though I dislike iggy I think the chorus for fancy would have been perfect for Gwen. I also think Charlie’s boom clap song would have been a huge Gwen song. It had that 80’s vibe but very now and insanely catchy. I can see Charlie being a great songwriter for Gwen. I’m digging it.

  14. I know this off topic but was just looking at a run down of last seasons the voice and the show doesn’t go live until the 20th episode! That means 8 to 10 weeks in, which means Gwen wouldn’t be performing a new song on the show until early Dec. Unless she performs it on a prerecorded episode ( how likely is that?) that’s ages away! .

  15. @Doom the live shows start early november! Since we have not heard anything yet I am assuming she pushed back the single release a bit.

    1. Yeah, I’ve been hearing that radio sites have since taken down “Baby Don’t Lie” from their release date lists. People are also saying that it’s not confirmed if it will be a buzz or lead single at this time, too.

      1. I would be okay with Gwen waiting until November to release the first single. That way it would allow her to debut the single on the voice and perform it at the AMAs and EMAs while there is lots of hype!

  16. I think Azoff and his team are doing a great job. The more confused fans are the better lol the whole thing has been like that from the beginning. I get the feeling the single will be out in Oct. She will have to do a lot of promo for the album and I’m sure everyone is making sure is a hit. I wonder when she’ll start touring.

  17. I still hope we’ll get a new song/single/buzz single/whatever in October. I don’t want to wait until November 🙁 Just release something already… Why can’t she perform a song on a pre-taped episode of The Voice? They just need to film it…Have all episodes been taped by now anyways?

  18. I listened to a few of this girl’s songs and they seemed too…childish for a 45 year old mother of 3. I don’t see how a 22 year old can write for her. I hope this one is just a rumor!

  19. Well, Gwen is goin for a more “guilty pleasure pop record” vibe for this release so i wouldn’t be surprised…If she plays her card right it might end up being the “working mom album lol. she so spread thin with everything she wants to do. I applaud her efforts and will be here to support all her endeavors. Now is she just release some unisex t-shirts or hoodies for lamb and harajuku lovers hahaha

  20. If they are planning to release the album in December, then October would be a good time to release the first single. That seems to be the way most artists do it by releasing the first single about 2 months before the album’s release. It has to be soon in order to coincide with her time on the voice.

  21. Anyone would kill to have a spot on Gwen’s new album tbh. lol She probably has like 40-50 songs to choose from. Wouldn’t surprise me! Anyway it’s not about quantity but quality. I don’t care who’s writing for her, but I hope they’ll choose the best of the best. I want a great album.

  22. I know a lot of these supposed collaborators are just pop-up artists who are successful right now but might not have any longevity but I guess that’s all this solo stint is supposed to be for Gwen? This is supposed to be a quick, pop, big-success release whilst Gwen has this voice gig and it will gain lots of popularity to all of Gwen’s other projects and hopefully No Doubt too afterwards when it’s their turn to release a new album…

    1. Well to be fair, all of the collaborators on her first two solo albums were also “just pop-up artsits”, who were hot back then (Andre3000, Linda Perry, Dre, Pharrell, Swizz Beatz) and still the albums turnd out to be great pop records that still sound fresh today. People just need to stop worrying so much…

      Also people such as Benny Blanco and Ryan Tedder have already proven their longevity since they have been making hits for several years now.

  23. Um…huh? Andre3000 (Outkast), Pharrell (Neptunes) and Dre were all popular and well respected producers or performers way before Gwen even thought of going solo. I suggest you look at their work in the 90’s and early 00’s.

    I will give you Perry since she was a one hit wonder who got a break because Pink was such a huge fan and then other pop stars jumped on it.

    1. I know Dre, Pharrell and Andre were successful and well respected before Gwen worked with them. Just like Ryan Tedder, Benny Blanco, Calvin Harris and Bonnie McKee. But still Andre, Linda, Dre and all the others were “hot” and at their peak back in 2004 when Gwen worked with them. Just like the people she’s working with now. That’s all I wanted to say. There’s no difference between the way Gwen worked on her music in 2004 and how she does it now, so I don’t get why people are so worried about her working with alle these “hot” pop people this time around. In 2004 Linda and Pharrell were the guaranteed hitmakers and now it’s Tedder, Blanco and Harris.

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