Charli XCX On Songwriting with Gwen

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In a new interview with MTV, singer/songwriter Charli XCX discussed how herself and Gwen came to work together and how “incredible” it’s been collaborating with her.

Gwen shared that she had recently reached out to Charli about writing together for her upcoming album. She had said that she typically stays away from working with female songwriters but saw a lot of herself in Charli and loves her style more than anyone else out at the moment.

The pair worked together in a very unorthadox way — by email. Gwen had reached out to her about collaborating and it started from there. “I think that she comes up with really good melodies. I feel really lucky to work with her in the weird way that we did. It’d be interesting to actually be in the studio with her. I’d be intimidated.”

Charli found Gwen very charming and says that she would work with her again anytime. “We actually never worked in the room together, which was not so weird for me, but I think for [Gwen] because of the way she song writes. It was incredible to work with her. When we finally met — we had been emailing — she’s just like so badass. I really admire someone who really is at the top of their game and has never made a bad decision — I don’t think — and has constantly kept cool and is so nice, and I think that’s cool. I don’t have time for people that are a–holes. I have a lot of time for Gwen.”

We’re excited to hear more about their collaboration!

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60 Replies to “Charli XCX On Songwriting with Gwen”

  1. I think this 2nd snippet will change your minds a little

    The 1st snippet sounds like the final of the song, which would make sense all that repetition… but I’m waiting for final judgement. So far I’m loving what I’m hearing. It’s still very No Doubt-esque, a bit like a lost ROS B-side which imo is good enough.

  2. I guess it’s how they edited her voice…it doesn’t sound that great. But I will wait until the final product to really decide.

  3. I’ll wait for the final thing and how it fits the movie. That said my fav kid movie song is Toy Story 3 spanish dancing Buzz, best thing ever.

  4. I loved the first snippet and I had a big smile in my face when I heard that second snippet. I’m already loving that song.

  5. Aaahhh, I’m also in love with that song already!!
    Nice to hear some instruments in the background that really sound like instruments.

  6. I agree with Amanda, the first time I listened, I was like “who’s singing??”. It sounds like the final product might actually be a very good song. But I’m disappointed that it’s not ND but a solo song with Pharrell on it.

  7. I know that, but it makes me wonder if she will stick to the original plan, to record for both, put the solo out first and ND later on. I have a bad feeling about it.

  8. I don’t think anything is going on with ND. They didn’t have anything to say in the KROQ interview and all Gwen talks about is how strenuous it is to record an album with them and Shine is seemingly a solo song now… It’s not looking good for new ND material 🙁 I don’t even think a solo album will happen for awhile, but I know others disagree on that. We will see!

  9. Gwen seemed so excited about No Doubt’s Shine version when she gave that interview in October… I wonder if we’ll still hear both versions?

  10. Not sure if that’s “autotune” or just a vocoder effect on purpose… I’m dying to hear the full version.

    Coldplay and Lana Del Rey shared the songs that will be featured on soundtracks. I can only hope that “Shine” will be uploaded to youtube soon. Perhaps this Monday?

  11. I would love to hear both versions and I really want to know what happened. I’m thinking something with the movie or record company not liking ND’s version??

  12. Gwen talks about lots of stuff all the time that turns out quite differently in the end. We know this by now 😉 So maybe “Shine” was never a ND song and she just mixed things up? I mean, she still forgets lyrics to songs she’s been performing for 20 years… I could totally see her confusing “Shine” with another song.

  13. ^ She said that when she was working with Pharrell he came up with that track and she said it sounded like a No Doubt song and then went to the studio with the band and they recorded it. There’s nothing to mix up there. lol

    1. Yeah I know all that, I’ve seen/heard that interview too. But I also know that Gwen says a lot of stuff that doesn’t make any sense and that things she said the other day might turn out completely different the next day (“I’m never going solo again!”) 😉

      The funny thing is, I just watched that interview again and actually… she doesn’t really say that “Shine” is a ND song… I have to admit I didn’t notice this at first because I was probably too excited, but she’s actually quite evasive after Ryan asks her about ND. And what she really says about “Shine” is that it’s a song she WAS doing with ND (past tense) and that came to Pharrell eventually. And that’s all she says. She doesn’t even say “We recorded this song called Shine…”, she only says “Just recorded this song…” so maybe she was always refering to Pharrell and herself?

      Ok, so my new theory is that “Shine” was actually an old and unfinished ND demo (maybe from the 2013 sessions?) that somehow came to Pharrell and then he suggested this to become the Paddington song. I think this was never a proper ND song as Gwen only says that it’s a song “we were doing…”, which sounds like “we were working on…”.

  14. And the proof is that Shine is No Doubt-esque! It’s like I said it was probably a last minute request from Paddington and they adapted the lyrics and reworked the song. Shame that the band isn’t involved though.

  15. This is not what I was expecting! I though it would be cutesy. Sounds promising, although hard to tell. I really like the effect on the voice.glad she’s not going with “pretty” vocals.
    Don’t think we will hear the full version until January. Who knows…

  16. I’m actually surprised it hasn’t leaked yet, with all those promo CDs circulating on eBay… Not that I really want it to leak but I want to hear it soooo badly.

  17. The origins of the song seem confusing, but she definitely recorded it with ND this fall. I remember the instagram pics from their studio session and she talks about it in NDLOVER’s link. That’s why I wonder why they decided to go in another direction..

  18. Yeah but you know this fansite is probably the site most visited by the band and their management team, so I think Jenny is more careful about the content they decide to post, especially with unofficial stuff.

    1. I follow No Doubt Archive and I think they just posted a thing where the band started to follow them and Gwen retweeted a few photos of theirs. BSO has posted many things like snippets and such in the past. I actually dont think the snippets are much for management etc to go nuts about. I think EIT also shared it which the band and managment follow just the same as the
      other fan communities. I think the snippets are still up so I think they would have been taken down already if it was a problem.

  19. ^^ Maybe, NDA was given the snipets to share by Gwen’s management as an exclusive (it has happened before) and its their exclusive, so that’s why no one else is posting it.

  20. Also people have been saying that there are alot of promo CDs of the song on ebay which I think would be a huge no no if it were a big deal to management etc.

  21. Gwen does not want No Doubt, She wants to be Katy Perry. Hence the songs written word by word for her, the emailing song sessions instead of writing the way that made us all love her. I will always support Gwen but I do not like what she is doing. I do not think its authentic I think its all for money where before it was for love and the money came and now she just wants what the Kardashians have, Money for being famous with out real work. I think this song was a No Doubt song like she said but realized she doesn’t need the band so why let them steal half of her spotlight. She is not the person we knew who sang about her life she now sings what other people tell her too.

  22. Laurie, stop. If Gwen wanted to pursue a solo career she’d have said goodbye to No Doubt a longtime ago. You obviously don’t understand her background.

  23. NDLOVER- People are allowed their opinions, if she feels that way good, hope she finds other singer that speaks to her now if she keep beating a dead horse -_-

    As for Bob vs bob, Maybe you should change for username to the Rel BOB

  24. ^ I know people are entitled to their opinions. In fact, constructive opinions are always welcome. Surprisingly I’ve read some decent comments this week on BSO. It’s a first I must say. I just can’t stand “fans” who comment like they’re stating the undeniable truth cause it’s f***ing NOT. Fans should understand that her idol won’t even follow the route they’re expecting. If you’re not pleased then maybe it’s high time for you to start “stanning” for some other artist.
    I know I’m overprotective of anything Gwen/ND but I still listen to other music and believe me all this time of waiting I’ve discovered some very worthy artists. But I haven’t lost my confidence on No Doubt.

  25. There is no Bob vs bob. I just made a comment about the shine clips. I didn’t know about any other bob on here and when I registered to make comments on here it excepted the username.

  26. Bob, I don’t think other people can use your username Bob once you start posting with your own email. Once I tried to post a comment and I typed my email wrong and it wasn’t even accepted. Were you drunk last night? LOL It happens.

  27. When I comment from my laptop its “Bob” and when I comment from my phone its “bob”—-I don’t know why, its the same email… So someone else also comments as “bob”—–from now on I’ll be “bobby”

  28. OIC Bob has 2 personalities: Computer Bob and Phone bob. Which one is the nice one?

    There should be registration on here.

    Jingle Ball Miami is tonight I hope Pharrell mentions Gwen just to get the real haters crazy lol

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