Celine Dion Announced as Mentor for Team Gwen on ‘The Voice’ (Updated)

Photo courtesy of The Voice/Twitter

It’s official! After weeks of speculation, it was announced this morning during an interview on TODAY that legend Celine Dion will be mentoring Team Gwen during the Battle Rounds on the upcoming season of The Voice. “There’s nobody like Celine,” Gwen opened up the interview clip with and throughout the segment the two complimented each other. “To get like the prize right here, everybody’s going to be so mad… the other coaches that I got you. Yes! So excited.”

TODAY was invited to The Voice set and we were given a tiny sneak peek of Celine and Team Gwen rehearsing for the Battle Rounds. When asked how well Celine knew Gwen, she said that she’s followed her career and went on to say how beautiful she is. Gwen said that she’s blown away by Celine’s story and admired her for being able to speak through music to the world. Celine had Gwen cracking up during the segment every time she started to serenade her.

After the announcement, Celine went turned to social media and quickly shared photos of the pair and expressed how excited she was to work with Gwen. Wishing Team Gwen and Celine the best of luck!

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  1. That was awkward. Celine kept singing to Gwen the whole interview. Towards the end, even though Gwen was smiling, it kinda looked like inside she was thinking WTF.

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