Celeb Q&A: Gwen Stefani

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Originally published in the October 2008 issue of Parents magazine.

We’ll admit it: we have a mommy crush on Gwen Stefani. We snagged a few minutes of her time for a chat.

Q. We think you’re the most stylish mom around. What’s your secret?

A. I don’t have any secrets. I try to look the best I can for myself and my husband, but knowing that every time I leave the house I’m going to be followed by a zillion paparazzi is a little inspiring too.

Q. Do you love to dress your kids up?

A. Honestly, my favorite thing is when they’re just wearing diapers. I think that’s when they look the best!

Q. What’s Kingston’s favorite bedtime story?

A. He loves The Jungle Book and basically likes anything that has elephants in it.

Q. Which of your new fragrances in Harajuku Lovers line is your favorite?

A. I love the coconut and tropical smell of G.


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