Bush’s “Glycerine” Duet with Gwen Now on iTunes


The song is now available on iTunes for $.99 plus tax!

Here is a video created by Ri’chard using the audio from the iTunes file.


We don’t know what’s up exactly yet, but Bush released this teaser art for what looks like an official release (either video or audio) of their duet with Gwen on “Glycerine” which was a surprise during the KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas last Saturday (and arguably the highlight of the night!) We’re really excited for whatever it is because the special performance was stellar and we would love to have it in super high quality.

We’ll keep you posted!

5 Replies to “Bush’s “Glycerine” Duet with Gwen Now on iTunes”

  1. That’s really cool, but it sucks that her mic wasn’t turned on when she first came on stage. I hope that’s something they can fix!

  2. Seen there was a update does that mean it is out does the itunes have a different version or same on either way very interesting.

  3. NDLOVER, Really??? I’m so happy! Going to download it now… Such a good (and smart!) idea of Bush to do this!

    And it’s only .99 cents!

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