Unique 360° Look in the Studio with Gwen

SPINNABLE has shared a unique 360 degree look inside the studio with Gwen and her team jamming out to her track “Asking 4 It”. Depending on your device and browser, you can control the video and see the clip from different angles giving fans different views. The sound isn’t stellar but it’s neat to see inside the studio and how excited Gwen and her team were for the track!

According to their YouTube page, by downloading the SPINNABLE app from the app store you’re able to check out more clips from the studio.

4 Replies to “Unique 360° Look in the Studio with Gwen”

  1. Guys, have you downloaded the Spinnable app?I’m trying to find more videos but nothing comes up… Do I need to create an account?

    1. Ok just created an account but I can’t find anything… I guess they just want people to register… Meh!

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