BSO Live Coverage Post Of L.A.M.B. Spring 2012 At New York Fashion Week

The show has now wrapped and we will be adding more photos as they come in! Thank you to everyone for sharing news and photos with us — including The Grayest Ghost for sharing the stunning and touching photo of the L.A.M.B. program with us above.

Click here for BACKSTAGE photos

Click here for L.A.M.B.’s Presentation photos

4:50 PM

@HelloBeautiful Bright colors & prints in L.A.M.B. Spring 2012 + “Khasi” satchel in tomato. All jewelry is “nOir for L.A.M.B.”

3:54 PM

According to @FashionWeekNYC, the L.A.M.B. presentation is wrapping up now.

3:46 PM

New L.A.M.B. “Alejandra” shoes in electric blue — thank you HelloBeautiful!

3:38 PM

Another full look from Maybelline and more stripes and colors from Laura!

3:30 PM

A couple more close shots courtesy of Teen Vogue.

3:24 PM

@theREALJihan: Bumping Major Lazer at L.A.M.B. #nyfw

@USAToday_style: L.A.M.B. presentation is like going to the club: long line, thumping music, hot girls, getting stepped on, “bouncers” and crazy dark. #nyfw

3:06 PM

@womensweardaily Lots of cute clothes, plaids and patterns at L.A.M.B. #NYFW

A few close-ups of the clothing and handbags courtesy of Ideeli and the Greyest Ghost!

3:00 PM

We are hearing that Jay Z and Kanye West’s new collaboration CD, Watch The Throne, is being played at the showing.

2:45 PM

We get a better look at the bags! Love!

We also hear it’s super crazy there and the long is really, really long to get in! It’s so awesome that L.A.M.B. continues to have such an amazing following over the years!

2:42 PM

A full look from L.A.M.B. courtesy of Maybelline!

2:36 PM

The presentation has begun! We are loving everything we see so far! Thanks Laura!

2:30 PM

@stylewylde Crowd outside #LAMB is starting to scare me. Still have PTSD from last season’s melée #mbfw

2:26 PM

A first look at the clothes! Thank you @PeanutLS!

2:25 PM

@colleennika LAMB Spring 2012 palette: white, black, red, green, yellow.

2:20 PM

It looks like models are being photographed at this time with the new line. We heard it’s starting to get crazy backstage!

2:15 PM

Apparently the new collection is dedicated to people of NYC. This warms our hearts so much, God Bless the city and Happy Patriot Day. We will always remember.

@colleennika: L.A.M.B. Spring 2012 dedicated to the people of New York City. So far, the collection theme seems Nubian meets moto-chic. #preview #fb

2:10 PM

Thanks Jenny Lee!

2:00 PM

Well, USA Today pretty much confirmed via Twitter that GWEN WILL NOT be at Fashion Week this time.

The L.A.M.B. topknot is everything. Swoon. Gwen’s not here, but her influence sure is. #nyfw

1:46 PM

Nails by Essie are a slate blue and gray shade called “Bobbing for Bubbles”.

Looks like Yahoo! is backstage at the show giving us the latest details! We love this!

Gwen Stefani’s LAMB collection is Indian inspired. Danilo made top knots w two pantene products: beaut. lengths cream + med/thick hairspray

Hair at LAMB- so cool. Wove extra fake black ponytail into top knot for big braided effect #nyfw

Makeup at lamb by @Maybelline also indian inspired w angular winged kohl eyeliner (master drama liner) cheeks contoured w pink on apples

New popstick lipstick by @Maybelline used @dkny and LAMB. Has clear jello appearance, goes on like gloss/balm hybrid. Maybe out in december

1:30 PM

Here is our first look at the model’s hair and makeup for the show! Fierce! We are told by that the girl’s makeup is inspired by India!

The makeup look at LAMB is insured by India.

1:30 PM

So we are 1 hour till show time and there is still no word on if Gwen will attend the presentation…

Well today is the day… and at this point I have no idea what we are to expect from the new Spring 2012 line of L.A.M.B. There really hasn’t been any press or talk about it except a sketch of designs and a small quote from Gwen on the line recently to WWD magazine: “This may be hard to imagine, but this season is a mishmash of everything I love. You could describe it as the Rat Park going to India on the Soul Train”. We really have no idea what that means, but we are thinking 50s, menswear inspired suits, Indian and possibly urban inspired looks. We will have to see what the showing brings us!

At this point in time, it looks as if the rumors are true, and Gwen will not be present this time to show the collection. A spokesperson for L.A.M.B. had come out last month saying that it was uncertain weather she would be there due to hard work on the new album, family and basically being torn between so many projects. Which we totally understand and respect. I seriously don’t think anyone in her position works as hard as Gwen. Each line we have seen from her and the L.A.M.B. team has been exceptional and we feel no differently about this upcoming collection. I do feel a little bummed though that we have seen no previews, interviews, or anything from the line that we have been spoiled to in the past. And it will be a little strange not seeing her there to present it, but I’m sure it’s just as equally as hard for her. But, we will keep our chins up and bring you the latest as it comes in!

Live updates will be presented in this post so bookmark it for the latest coverage!

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