BSO Fashion Week Day #6: L.A.M.B. Fall 2011 Runway Show

Today we are looking back at the latest collection of L.A.M.B. to hit the runway, Fall 2011. Gwen once again stunning editors and fans all over the world by taking on six different styles (“Soldier Girls”, “Ragga Muffins”, “London Girls”, “Buffalo Girls”, “Mod Girls” and “Glamour Girls”), something she’s never done before. The collections were still cohesive and featured everything we love from Gwen. Punk, prints, leather and just individual style. Again L.A.M.B. closed out Fashion Week in the big tent and drew all the big names to the event.

Gwen also revealed in her interview with Access Hollywood from her show room that she wanted to venture further into children’s clothing — hense Harajuku Mini coming to Target in November.

Though there was no red carpet at this event, Gwen and the newest collection hit the runway on February 17, 2011. With stunning visuals, including a video shoot of Gwen shot by Sophie Muller, it was another amazing show from L.A.M.B.

Style — L.A.M.B. closed out New York fashion week (only a small Finnish label followed it), and tonight’s show suggested that there was some poetic justice in that: Gwen Stefani’s collection cycled its way back through not only the trends of the season, but of past seasons, too. The show was divided into six groups, each with its own look, its own soundtrack, and its own models (often, a little oddly, grouped by race). The “Soldier Girls” wore military looks. The Rasta “Ragga Muffins,” Navajo print. Some “London Girls” had menswear-inspired suiting, and Malcolm McLaren-style “Buffalo Girls” were outfitted with outdoorsy blanket plaids. The “Mod Girls” wore leopard, stripes, and dots, and the “Glamour Girls” who closed—all Stefani-blonde—had seventies jumpsuits and halters in basic black.

It’s a worthy validation of the concept that fashion should be fun to suggest, as L.A.M.B. does, that there’s no need to lock yourself into one specific look. Try boho one day, Charlie Girl the next. For any and all, L.A.M.B. is there. But it’s not much fun to wear things that are poorly made. The platform of one model’s shoe went flying off mid-walk; she, flying to the ground. It didn’t inspire confidence. It did prove to be a girl-power moment, though. She was a Buffalo Girl by look, but she bravely Solidered on.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our looks back at the past showings of L.A.M.B. and tomorrow we are going to focus on the future of the brand and what we can expect on Sunday. At this time we don’t have that much information, but we will do our best to get everyone prepared for the Fashion Showing this weekend! What did you think of the last collection seen on the runway, Fall 2011?

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