BSO Fashion Week Day #5: Sephora Fragrance Event And Spring 2011 Fashion Show

Today we are looking back at one of the highest praised L.A.M.B. collections yet — Spring 2011! It was all about prints, prints and more prints! I think its been one of Gwen’s most ambitious collections yet, and it was incredible. Gwen also made her rounds to parties around Fashion Week, held her own Harajuku Lovers event at Sephora where fans got to meet her, and for the first time, fans were also able to attend the L.A.M.B. runway show — by invitation only of course! This was also the first Fashion experience Gwen involved us in every step of the way via Twitter! To the model fittings, on the way to the show, eating a slice of pizza afterwards, just the experience was a night to remember!

Gwen hit the L’Oreal red carpet on September 16, 2010 showing some prints!

Another amazing soundtrack and another amazing show! Tony and Tom also flew out with their families to check out debut of the Spring 2011 collection! Gwen also included a “Hey Baby” remix in the music!

Style — L.A.M.B. has always grooved to an Afro-Caribbean beat—this is Gwen Stefani we’re talking about here, who reintroduced ska to Top 40 listeners in the nineties—but this season, Stefani went all in. For Spring, L.A.M.B. is all about prints, prints, and prints, preferably of the vaguely African persuasion. “Prints,” Stefani said backstage before the show, “are really hard to do and really hard to wear.”

If she and her stylists found them tough, it didn’t show. They piled them on with haphazard abandon, both in contrast and in concert, cycling through African and ikat options, then shirting plaids and tie-dye before it all was done. Of the options proposed, Stefani’s preferred drop-crotch carrot trousers were probably the best. But scarcely a style was left unexplored. If the collection didn’t especially cohere, no matter. The show did—around its patroness and star. There are plenty of people out there (each one armed with a camera phone, judging by tonight’s crowd) for whom Gwenliness is next to godliness. Stefani just gave them 47 new ways to slip it on.

What did you think of this collection? Was it one of your favorites?

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