BSO Fashion Week Day #1: Backstage And On The Runway For L.A.M.B.’s Debut

So we’re going with a little something unique this week, and it’s going to be fun! In anticipation of the L.A.M.B. fashion show next Sunday at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York, we decided to do a little Fashion Week of our own — looking at past seasons of L.A.M.B., events, looks, videos and more that shaped the successful line all the way up to today! Our first installment this week we are going to back to September 16, 2005, when Gwen debuted the Spring/Summer 2006 L.A.M.B. line at the Roseland Ballroom in New York City for Fashion Week. The runway show was widely received as a success, blending her individual style with amazing music and visuals.

Here is the full runway show! As webmasters back then, the soundtrack alone was HUGE! It gave us new clips to unreleased songs at the time — “Candyland”, “Breakin’Up”, “Wind It Up”, Gwen reading the “Wisteria” poem, “Hollaback Girl” remix, “Cool” Photek remix and more. Everyone was ripping the audio, and the whole show is just a treat to listen to. One of the best!

Not going to lie, I still tear up to this day watching Gwen walk at the end when she hugs her mom. You can just see how happy they both were! Ugh! Gets me every time!

People — New York was alive with the sound of Gwen Stefani’s music – and the look of her fashion line – as the No Doubt singer unveiled her spring 2006 L.A.M.B. collection to bits of The Sound of Music score interspersed with her own tunes last weekend, MTV News reports.

As Diddy, Ashanti, Lenny Kravitz, Damon Dash, Faith Hill and Vogue magazine editor Anna Wintour looked on, Stefani had her models emerge from customized Cadillacs. On their backs: a look Stefani calls “Rasta Gatsby,” featuring costumes appropriate for a garden party gone reggae. Her “Pirate Trooper” reportedly pays homage to Vivienne Westwood’s marauder and paratrooper jumpsuits.

Stefani, 35, previewed her new songs, which she described as “fresh”: “Candyland,” “Breaking Up” and “Orange County Girl.” She also surprised her husband, Gavin Rossdale (who sat out the fashion show in a chair next to Wintour), by playing the song “When Animals Attack” from his new band, Institute.

“It was nice of her to put it in,” said Rossdale. “I think she wanted to do something sweet.”

“That was probably my favorite part of the whole thing,” Stefani told MTV of the musical tribute to her hubby. “Besides The Sound of Music, of course. The Julie Andrews part was the best.”

Style — Hours before her first-ever runway show would begin, Gwen Stefani was hurtling through back-to-back interviews in Roseland Ballroom’s basement. “My inspiration for this show is the same as it’s been all my life,” she said. “A little Sound of Music, some Orange County chola girl, some Rasta, and a bit of The Great Gatsby.” Given all of the press she’s done in anticipation of her L.A.M.B. runway debut, it’s no surprise she has the sound bytes and fashion shorthand down pat. Soon after the lights dimmed (just shy of an hour behind schedule), the first three influences became clear. Remakes of the von Trapp family’s greatest hits blared from the speakers, four O.C.-ready low-riders parked along the room’s perimeter bounced on their axles, and a bevy of beauties, their hair in cornrows and their lips lined in dark pencil, hit the glitter-strewn runway in red, black, yellow, and green knits. The Fitzgerald reference was mostly lost on this observer, but no matter.

Stefani is the most dedicated of our celebrity designers, and certainly the most talented. She waited four seasons before she brought her collection to the catwalk, and it paid off. Not only was it wide-ranging—encompassing day (cashmere cardigans) and evening (scallop-hemmed cocktail dresses), sporty (tracksuits) and elegant (thirties-style siren gowns)—it was also well made. Standouts included versions of the silk crepe tank dress the singer wore last week to Fashion Rocks, a python-print group, and wool admiral jackets. This multitalented star deserves a hollaback to the runway, and this Roseland spectacle was worth the wait.”

We hope you enjoyed! What was your reaction to this collection? Is it still one of your favorites? It’s grown so much but it’s amazing to see some of the same inspirations today that she uses! It’s incredible how many looks she rocked from this collection, too! We all did! Check back tomorrow for another installment of L.A.M.B.!

5 Replies to “BSO Fashion Week Day #1: Backstage And On The Runway For L.A.M.B.’s Debut”

  1. I really loved this collection. I think it contained the most elegance than any other collections (old and new). I still think the gowns, draping, styling, color schemes, and themes (particularly the Gatsby theme) are timeless and so so elegant. The wedding style gown that closed the show was and always will be my favorite. I wish it had been produced.

    I own tons of pieces from this collection, and they are always perfect. I can wear the gowns dressed down with flip flops for a coffee run, or dressed up for a wedding.

    No matter what trend is on top right now, that collection contained so many versatile themes that it could be sold every season and many of the pieces would coincide with one current trend or another.

  2. Anyway, that collection contained so many comprehensive themes and beautiful designs. With the quality of the craftsmanship, this season was easily one of the best LAMB has ever had.

    I love Spring 2006!!

  3. I agree, great line! I always loved the black/white track suit jacket!

    I agree that I get teary when Gwen walks the runway. The best was when Kingston ran to her…. sob… lol

  4. Honestly, my favorite part was the Hollaback Girl remix that’s played at the end. It’s hella awesome, would love for that mix to be available. Infact, I wish the whole runway music set would leak. That mashup of Wind It Up/Sound of Music is so effing ill. It’s a shame Pharrell didn’t care for it, the samples make the song and it’s actually miles better than the album mix that was released.

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