BSO Fan Favorite Poll Results (Second Batch)

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And our results are in! Thousands of your votes were counted all this past week for a second round of voting in our fun fan favorites polls. This time we asked fans what your favorite live DVD was, how long you’ve been a fan, Gwen’s best live style, when you saw the band live for the first time, who was the best featured artist on a No Doubt track, Gwen’s best guest appearance and what your favorite solo single from Gwen was.

Thank you to all that voted, spread the news and contributed! We really appreciate all of the support and feedback we get here on the fansite. Below are the results: the winner and two runners up. Please let us know how you think they turned out and thanks again for taking part in the vote! Scroll all the way down if you’re interested in where everything ranked. Another batch of polls will be coming soon.

What is the best live DVD?

Over the years, No Doubt have released live DVDs of their two best grossing tours: Live in the Tragic Kingdom (originally released on VHS back in 1997 and then in 2003) and Rock Steady Live. Fans were also treated with a live recording of Gwen’s first solo tour Harajuku Lovers Live in 2006. LITTK pretty much dominated the poll with comments saying how it was “classic” and was full of “nostalgia”.
Your top pick: Live in the Tragic Kingdom
Runner up: Rock Steady Live


How long have you been a No Doubt fan?

In this category, two eras seem to have always dominated the polls: Tragic Kingdom and Rock Steady. It seems like the majority of fans came from these two eras which makes sense since they were everywhere! It was definitely the two highest points of the band’s career. These were also the only two times the band truly toured the world.
Your top pick: Tragic Kingdom
Runner Up: Rock Steady, Pre-Tragic Kingdom


What is Gwen’s best live style?

This one seemed to get the most votes! We asked what you thought Gwen’s best live style was and it was pretty close. Rock Steady came out on top, only one vote above Tragic Kingdom. Rock Steady was all about the accessories and Gwen always knew how to pull it together. Weather it was stripes, polka dots, houndstooth, rasta or leopard… we wanted it all… at the same time!
Your top pick: Rock Steady
Runners up: Tragic Kingdom, Return of Saturn


What was your first No Doubt tour?

It was voted by majority that most fans saw No Doubt live for the first time during the Rock Steady era. It was the band’s second time around the world (excluding promo dates during 2000 for Return of Saturn) after touring in the late ’90s. Runners up included the Return of Saturn tour (including myself) and the Summer Reunion tour in 2009 that brought in new fans from Gwen’s solo run and younger fans that missed out back in the day.
Your top pick: Rock Steady Club and World Tours
Runners up: Return of Saturn and Summer Reunion Tour

Who was the best featured guest artist?

Though the band has worked with some incredible artists over the years, it’s their collaboration with the late Bradley Nowell of Sublime on “Total Hate ’95” that dominated the poll. It’s such a classic and captures that pure energy that still puts it at the top for most fans. Their Grammy award winning “Underneath It All” with Lady Saw came up close behind followed by No Doubt’s insane work with Major Lazer on “Push and Shove”.
Your top pick: Bradley Nowell (“Total Hate ’95”)
Runners up: Lady Saw (“Underneath It All”), Busy Signal, Major Lazer (“Push and Shove”)


What was Gwen’s best guest appearance?

Over the years, Gwen has branched out and distinguished herself as the go-to girl. She’s worked with so many over the years and collaborated on everything from big band to hip-hop. Gwen’s award winning collaboration with Eve on “Let Me Blow Ya Mind” seems to still be the fan favorite and took Gwen to another level. The two girls’ chemistry was incredible and they even came together again on Gwen’s “Rich Girl” in 2004. Gwen’s collaboration with Moby on “South Side” came up a close second.
Your top pick: “Let Me Blow Ya Mind” (Eve)
Runners up: “South Side” (Moby), “Saw Red” (Sublime)

And finally…


What was Gwen’s best solo single?

It’s undeniable that Gwen’s solo run from 2004-2007 was incredible. From the music to the fashion, it gave Gwen the creative freedom to give fans something different and fresh from her that we hadn’t seen or heard before. With two amazing albums, it was the original song that came out on top: “What You Waiting For?” It cemented Gwen’s foot in the pop world and was a wonderful welcome for fans into her unique take on the Harajuku world. Among the favorites, ballads seemed to rank high with “Cool”, “4 In The Morning” and “Early Winter” coming on top.
Your top pick: “What You Waiting For?”
Runners up: “Cool”, “Early Winter”

The results breakdown: Some results might be slightly off due to rounding percentages.

What is the best live DVD?

Live in the Tragic Kingdom — 57%
Rock Steady Live — 31%
Harajuku Lovers Live — 12%

How long have you been a No Doubt fan?

Pre-Tragic Kingdom — 10%
Tragic Kingdom — 57%
Return of Saturn — 5%
Rock Steady / The Singles — 14%
Love.Angel.Music.Baby. — 7%
The Sweet Escape / Summer Reunion Tour — 6%
Push and Shove — 2%

What was Gwen’s best live style?

Pre-Tragic Kindgom — 2%
Tragic Kingdom — 22%
Return of Saturn — 20%
Rock Steady — 22%
The Singles — 10%
Love.Angel.Music.Baby — 6%
The Sweet Escape — 5%
Summer Reunion Tour — 9%
Push and Shove — 5%

What was your first No Doubt tour?

(Options were omitted below that had zero votes)
Early Days — 3%
Tragic Kingdom Club Tour / Sixteen Stone Tour — 4%
Return of Saturn US Tour — 13%
Rock Steady Club and World Tours — 16%
The Singles — 3%
Harajuku Lovers Live — 7%
The Sweet Escape World Tour — 9%
Summer Reunion Tour — 12%
Push and Shove (Select Cities) — 4%
Still Waiting To See Them — 11%

Who was the best featured artist?

Bradley Nowell (“Total Hate ’95”) — 36%
Elvis Costello (“I Throw My Toys Around”) — 6%
Billy Idol (“Hateful”) — 3%
Bounty Killer (“Hey Baby”) — 6%
Lady Saw (“Underneath It All”) — 21%
Prince (“Waiting Room”) — 8%
Toots and the Maytals (“Monkey Man”) — 2%
Busy Signal, Major Lazer (“Push and Shove”) — 20%

What was Gwen’s best guest appearance?

(Options were omitted below that had zero votes)
“Saw Red” (Sublime) — 20%
“Rise And Shine” (Poe) — .5%
“You’re The Boss” (The Brian Setzer Orchestra) — 7%
“So Far, So Pleased” (Prince) — 1%
“Everybody Is A Star” (Fishbone) — 1%
“South Side” (Moby) — 22%
“Let Me Blow Ya Mind” (Eve) — 29%
“What’s Going On?” (All-Star Tribute) — 1%
“Slave To Love” (Elan) — 2%
“Ambulances” (Institute) — 2%
“I Wanna Yell”, “All Nighter” (Elan) — 10%
“Can I Have It Like That?” (Pharrell Williams) — 4%

What is your favorite Gwen solo single?

“What You Waiting For?” — 31%
“Rich Girl” — 2%
“Hollaback Girl” — 6%
“Cool” — 16%
“Luxurious” — 1%
“Crash” — 2%
“Wind It Up” — 4%
“The Sweet Escape” — 8%
“4 In The Morning” — 13%
“Now That You Got It” — 3%
“Early Winter” — 15%

6 Replies to “BSO Fan Favorite Poll Results (Second Batch)”

  1. I agree with the most. What do you think of “best non-single” of push and shove;…?

  2. One thing I find interesting is considering how many records and concert tickets No Doubt has sold I’m a little surprised more fans didn’t participate in these polls.

  3. That red dress in total hate :)!! I’m so glad I made the journey to Anaheim to see it in that museum before it got stolen!!!

  4. Travis…there’s probably not as many fans checking ND websites since nothing is going on…

    I’m surprised RS won for Gwen’s style.

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