BSO Exclusive: Full Transcribed Article From InStyle Magazine

It took us a little while, but enjoy! It’s a great article and it’s split up into twenty questions to Gwen. She is very candid about her children, her closet, Gavin and how she’s already written new songs with No Doubt and how she can’t stop listening to them. Please, if you post this article anywhere else, please, please, link back to this post and give credit where credit is due, thank you. Also, huge thanks to Robin for sending me in the article!

Article has been removed due to Copyright infringement warning — sorry everyone!

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  1. Ah! I have been waiting allllll day to read this! Thank you so much for transcribing it 🙂 I want to see Gwen’s closet more than EVER now.

  2. I love it. I love every question that was asked of her and so proud she anwsered them with no problem! I still wanna go out and have the magazine for myself! LOL. 😀 Thank you again BSO Team for adding this to all the amazing other news you supply us, everyday! <3

  3. Thank you so much!!

    It’s so weird, but I think Kingston is a spitting image of Gwen when she was a child, yet people, including her, keep saying he looks like Gavin lol

    Anyway I adore her and I love how the core of who she is hasn’t changed. She’s very smart to have the clothing line as a “back up plan” but I think she’s going to be around for a long, long time!

  4. I’ve always thought that Zuma looks like Gwen’s Dad as well.

    When Kingston was younger he was the spitting image of Gavin but know I’d say there is a mixture of both Gwen and Gavin in his looks.

    Thanks for the article Robin and thankyou Jenny.

  5. Gwen is just amazing! Fantastic artist! fantastic mom!! n amazing person!!…they way she think about her life it’s just incredible!!

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