BSO Exclusive: Audio Of Gwen Lending Her Voice For "Malice" Video Game

OMG — this is crazy! Thank you so much to Peter from PlayStation magazine for sending into us, check out this audio clip of Gwen in the studio lending her voice for the “Malice” video game that she was lending her voice to for PlayStation1. The game was eventually released by PlayStation2 and Xbox, but Gwen is not featured in the game. The clip above just has Gwen exclaiming wild things that obviously would have corresponded with the game. It’s too bad that the original version never saw the light of day. These were recorded back in 2001, you can read more on the game at

“I have lots of good memories of Malice. Mostly that it was a wildly overambitious idea.. that had a truly awesome tech demo that wowed a billion of people (that was being used to launch xbox).. but it got pulled around from Microsoft, and then from publisher to publisher and eventually, died a death and released on a “B” game label. The blame? Partly due to mismanagement on our part.. partly down to some of the team who were as creative as they were egotistical… partly due to overzealous publisher involvement – making wholesale changes that were unnecessary and unwarranted.. and partly just because it was too damn big a project to be done ‘at our own risk’ !

Malice definitely contributed to bringing down the company. I can’t blame all our woes on one game (far from it), but it sure sucked a lot of cash out of the company (millions!) and that can’t have helped.” Jez San, former Argonaut Games CEO

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  1. This is really cool,thanks for posting it! Aw,it really seems like she put her heart and a lot of effort into laying down the audio,just like with everything else she does-it’s too bad her voice wasn’t used for the game.

  2. I remember this! I even bought the game because I thought it might be cool. I played it once or twice. I wish it was Gwen, I would have kept playing!

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