BSO Coverage: Gwen Live Onstage With Prince Tonight

HUGE things happened last night! I had to get to bed but here is a recap!
– Gwen came back onstage again and performed Michael Jackson’s “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough” with Prinice!
– Gwen came back onstage and danced with Prince to his song “Cool”
– No Doubt (THE WHOLE BAND) came onstage and joined Prince on his song “Jungle Love”. Gavin and actress Kristie Ally also came up for this one
– The band came onstage again for an encore of “Love Bizarre”

Tom Tweeted that Gwen killed it onstage!

OMG the Prince show is so effing fun right now! Gwen and Sheila E both killed it! -Tom
5 hours ago

A couple quotes from Prince via Twitter!

Can we have a party in the round here with Prince n the NPG? N Gwen Stefani. R u kidding me?”

“Sheila e gwen stefani shelby j where u wanna go?”

Apparently Gwen was pulled up from the audience and the whole band was sitting together.

Gwen performed “So Far, So Pleased” with Prince tonight! How exciting! We will have videos up soon and better photos. This is the first time the song has been performed together.

We are also told Gwen was rocking polka dots! Cannot wait to see!

Amel Larrieux is also a special guest tonight.

Tony Tweeted that the whole band is heading to the show tonight and also shared a ticket stub from the first time he saw Prince live back in 1985!

Going 2 see Prince at the LA Forum tonight with my band…stoked!!! The first time I saw him there was this show – Tony
5 minutes ago

It’s being said that Gwen will perform some of Prince’s songs, NOT hers or No Doubt’s.

Dr. Funkenberry — So is this a marketing ploy by The Forum? The forum posted on it’s Facebook Fan Page yesterday that Gwen Stefani of No Doubt will be performing with Prince Friday or Saturday night. Well, Friday passed Gwen. So that would mean….tonight, right?

Tonight will be the 7th night of Prince’s record-breaking 21 Nights In Los Angeles run at the Forum.

What we can tell you is that Gwen rehearsed with Prince and the NPG at the Forum almost 2 weeks ago for several hours, so it is supposed to go down and was planned.

An unreliable blogger who shall go nameless reported that Prince and Gwen were performing that night when actually it was just a rehearsal.

We have a feeling it will NOT be the Prince and No Doubt songs in existence but actually one of Gwen’s all time favorite songs by the Purple One..and perhaps a few more guest spots.

So far, Prince has had Ledisi, Mint Condition, Larry Graham, Chaka Khan, Sheila E., and Alicia Keys take part as his special guests either as an opening act or a surprise performer.

I am not going to lie, I would LOVE to see Prince and Gwen perform. Will it happen?

Follow us on Twitter tonight as we will be LIVE tweeting from show n will let you know if Gwen plays: -Dr.FB

Erin and Mieke hinted on Twitter that they were also attending the show. We are assuming the whole band would be there, including Gavin.

Concert Fashion Tip #1…. If the singer is wearing heels, so should you.
1 hour ago

This guy!!
1 hour ago

So we will keep this thread updated with the latest news and updates regarding Gwen’s scheduled guet performance with the amazing Prince tonight at the LA Forum. What an honor for Gwen and we wish her the best of luck! We are so curious as to what will be happening! Please let us know if you’re planning on heading to the show and we would love to see any photos, videos or stories you have from the night so we can share with everyone! Thank you in advance and we’re jealous of all the lucky fans who get this special opportunity to see Gwen with Prince!

We are told that the show will be around three hours long and is scheduled to start at 9:00 PM. The New Power Generation will be opening the show (they are also Prince’s backup band).

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