Gwen’s New Album ‘This Is What the Truth Feels Like’ Out Mar. 18 (Updated)

Photo courtesy of Target
Photo courtesy of Target

People has revealed that Gwen’s third solo album, This Is What the Truth Feels Like, is set to be released on March 18! After the reveal of the track list yesterday afternoon, Target stores will be selling a deluxe edition of the album which will feature 4 exclusive bonus tracks. Several international iTunes deluxe editions are available to pre-order that feature the same additional songs as well as two tracks “Loveable” and “Warpaint”.

Domestic US releases:
Target Exclusive Deluxe Edition (including 4 bonus songs “Rocket Ship”, “Getting Warmer”, “Obsessed”, “Splash”)
iTunes (standard edition)
Deluxe Lithograph set (standard edition; digital download or CD)
Vinyl + digital download (standard edition, limited edition postcard)
CD + digital download (standard edition, limited edition postcard)
Digital download (standard edition from

International releases:
iTunes (standard edition including bonus song “Loveable”)
iTunes (deluxe edition including “Rocket Ship”, “Getting Warmer”, “Obsessed”, “Splash”, “Loveable”)
iTunes JAPAN (deluxe edition including “Rocket Ship”, “Getting Warmer”, “Obsessed”, “Splash”, “Loveable”, “War Paint”)

Track listing:

1. “Misery”
2. “You’re My Favorite”
3. “Where Would I Be?”
4. “Make Me Like You”
5. “Truth”
6. “Used To Love You”
7. “Send Me A Picture”
8. “Red Flag”
9. “Asking For It”
10. “Naughty”
11. “Me Without You”
12. “Rare”

Target Exclusive Deluxe Edition Tracks/International Releases:
13. “Rocket Ship”
14. “Getting Warmer”
15. “Obsessed”
16. “Splash”

iTunes International Releases:
17. “Lovable”
18. “War Paint” (Japan)

Gwen is also collaborating with Target, alongside Sophie Muller, to debut the first-ever live music video for her new single “Make Me Like You”! The video will air live between commercial breaks this coming Monday on the Grammy awards on CBS. Gwen spoke about the groundbreaking video in a new interview with People saying she’s excited to be partnering with Target saying, “Target has an incredible legacy of creating unexpected moments in music, and I’m thrilled to be partnering with them to create my new music video on live television next Monday.” has also been updated with more details saying that she will contribute to Target’s new #MoreMusic experience which will offer “behind-the-scenes access leading up to the big night” and a second view into the music video will be aired live on Facebook Live, Periscope, and Snapchat. The live music video for “Make Me Like You” will end up being the official music video which will later be uploaded and shared on Vevo/YouTube. The “Make Me Like You” single is also confirmed to be coming out this Friday, February 12.

The album artwork is incredible and features a gorgeous close-up shot of Gwen with hand drawn elements which look like they were created by Gwen herself. We adore the metaphor of her tears landing on the bottom which then helped the flowers grow which bloomed into hearts — finding happiness out of sadness. Gwen also references her recent divorce by including an outline on her ring finger where she wore her wedding ring. It’s beautiful and encompasses everything we love about Gwen.

41 Replies to “Gwen’s New Album ‘This Is What the Truth Feels Like’ Out Mar. 18 (Updated)”

  1. Wow, I love the cover…

    losing love –> tears –> make a stream of water –> waters the flowers –> flowers grow –> flowers used to share love. so from losing love to sharing love. Not to mention the wedding ring that’s not really there. I hope there’s lyrics that show this image–

  2. I LOVE this cover!! Such an exciting time to be a fan. I also love the names of the bonus tracks! I’m wondering how I can get the deluxe edition in canada though? There’s no target here 🙁

  3. This just too real now! I love the cover and the live music video thing sounds insanse! Oh boy, she is back!!!

  4. This cover art and font make the UTLY video seem very rushed. I really like the direction of this. Very solid conceptually. I wish I could hear snippets of the songs!

  5. I love the cover!!! It’s so simple, but so creative and says so much. Excited the new song on Friday!! congrats to Gwen

  6. Wow, in March?? That’s a lot sooner than I expected! I’m thrilled about that! I’m so glad there will be 4 bonus tracks too! I’ll take as much as I can get!! LOL

    The album cover is interesting…it’s a beautiful picture.

    A live music video? Good promo. I wish it was a different director though.

  7. What other albums are out on this date? I hope there isn’t any big competition because it would be amazing for Gwen to score a #1 album!

  8. OMG ! In this cover Gwen looks like Marilyn…she is sooo beautiful….. and 16 new song…I can’t wait this album!!! 😀

  9. WOW!! 16 SONGS!! and not one of them is a remix, yay!!!!!
    She looks so pretty. I love the cover: the pic, her hair, her makeup, her doodles <3
    Sooooooo much better than the look she had on the Used To Love You Cover-she looked too harsh on that one, But now she looks great.

  10. So excited!!!!!! Finally! I love the cover, she looks awesome. It kindof reminds me a little of her 4 in the morning video look, which is one of my favorite. Amazing promo!!

    I’ll be honest and say I’m a tiny bit nervous about this live video thing, it almost sounds a bit gimmicky. But I know it’s great promo, and obviously dont know exactly what it’s going to be. I just wasn’t a fan of the one-take UTLY video, but excited to see how this goes!!

  11. I love the cover, album title, and promo it’s getting with the Target collab. Sure there’s tons of bsides we’ll never hear but I trust she gave us the best of the best. Can’t wait to hear the new single!!

  12. I wonder if the album will be available to pre-order on iTunes this Friday or they will wait until next Friday because of the Target deal.

  13. She may have enough for a second album. The record label may have her put out another one if this one does well! Didn’t Sweet Escape have a lot of left over songs from L.A.M.B?

  14. I swear there was a photo floating around of this album cover, but without that ugly sticker on it? Does anyone have the link? Thanks!

    1. Awww…thanks, but I was looking for the one with her drawings on it, but without that ugly sticker 🙁 I swear there was one posted somewhere!

        1. The target cover is still my favourite and that’s the one I want to use on iTunes. I’m actually shocked that’s not the general Deluxe cover, cause it’s more meaningful imo. I hope we can find a version in HQ without the sticker!

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