Gwen Shares ‘This Is What the Truth Feels Like’ Track Listing (Updated)


This Is What the Truth Feels Like has been confirmed as Gwen’s new album title and is set to be released on Friday, March 18. Target will be offering a deluxe edition of the album (which you can pre-order now) that includes 4 additional bonus tracks. The full track listing is below:

1. Misery
2. You’re My Favorite
3. Where Would I Be
4. Make Me Like You
5. Truth
6. Used To Love You
7. Send Me A Picture
8. Red Flag
9. Asking For It
10. Naughty
11. Me Without You
12. Rare
13. Rocket Ship (Target Exclusive)
14. Getting Warmer (Target Exclusive)
15. Obsessed (Target Exclusive)
16. Splash (Target Exclusive)


Gwen revealed and Tweeted out what looks like new song titles and possible track listing for her upcoming album as well as a title! No release date came along with the announcement and This Is What the Truth Feels Like seems likely for the album’s title (which you can see written on the opposite page in the photo). In the Tweet, we can see the following song titles in order:

1. Misery
2. You’re My Favorite
3. Where Would I Be?
4. Make Me Like U
5. Truth
6. Used To Love You
7. Send Me A Picture
8. Red Flag
9. Asking 4 It
10. Naughty
11. Me Without You
12. Rare

Picture eludes to 4 possible bonus tracks or more titles to be announced

How unexpected and exciting! With news of her new single later this week (“Make Me Like U”), we’re thrilled to see a major update on the new album. Our first impressions from the song titles are making us more excited for what looks like Gwen’s most personal material to date. The possible title, This Is What the Truth Feels Like, seems very fitting for the album and her direction.

Notably absent from the track listing are “Baby Don’t Lie”, “Spark the Fire”, and her unreleased ballad co-written with Sia, “Start a War”. Song titles that made the cut that have been revealed before by Gwen are “Misery” (mentioned as a single contender, co-written with JR Rotem, Justin Tranter and Raja Kumari), “Make Me Like U” (unconfirmed second single, produced by Mattman & Robin and co-written with Julia Michaels and Tranter), “Red Flag”, and “Naughty” (both co-written with Tranter, Kumari and Rotem).

A huge thank you to Gwen from all of us for sharing the news directly with her fans. We couldn’t be any more excited for the new album and we’re looking forward to hearing it and what’s next!

In case you missed it, check out our in-depth look at what we know so far about Gwen’s upcoming album here, including more song titles mentioned that didn’t make the final cut. We’ll be updating the page shortly with the track listing and album details!

26 Replies to “Gwen Shares ‘This Is What the Truth Feels Like’ Track Listing (Updated)”

  1. I’m assuming that’s the album title and I like it. All that writing and only 12 songs?? That would suck, but hopefully there will be a Deluxe edition with 4 more songs like the hearts imply. I want to hear as much as possible since music from her and ND is a rare thing. I’m so happy Red Flags is on there and Me Without You sounds interesting! Hopefully she will reveal the release date this month!

  2. I would really like to listen to:
    You Don’t Know Me (first honest song Gwen wrote for this album with Lana Del Rey’s collaborator Rick Nowels)
    Medicine Man (cowritten by Linda Perry!!)
    Start A War
    Hope Gwen includes these as bonus songs!!!!

  3. Seeing this is exciting, but also frustrating because we know about all those songs they wrote and that we will never get to hear. She had enough material for two albums (she said that herself) and it all comes down to 12 tracks? I know it is quality and not quantity, but still… meh…

    The album title is way too long imho. People will have a hard time remembering it.

  4. Too hyped! I’m glad that she chose nothing but organic titles and an original album title because like she said, she didn’t want a commercial album and something real personal. Who cares or gives a shit if it’s not commercial, she’s Gwen. She’s been there done that…now she can do whatever she wants and put out anything and she still will always be supported. Love you G to the moon and back! This is going to be great!

  5. ^^ love your positivity Daniel 🙂 I am so glad she is making this project so personal and unique!!

  6. I really really want to listen the songs with Rick Nowels and Linda Perry. But this is freaking excited, I can’t wait!

  7. I don’t want to live in a world where I’ll never get to hear an official recording of Start A War. I desperately hope it will at least be a bonus track.

  8. No matter where you look, here on Facebook, pretty much every 2nd comment is ” What about Start a War?!”

    I don’t think Gwen has ever had a song that was so universally loved by her fanbase… except for WYWF maybe.

    It would be such a big mistake not to release it in whatwver form.

  9. Well, she seems to be listening to our post so I wouldn’t be surprise if Star a War would be released as a bonus track.

  10. If she said she had enough material for a two albums hopefully a second album won’t be too far away. That’s kind of what happened with LAMB and TSE so it could happen again (I’m really hopeful with this) 🙂

  11. I doubt any songs from that batch, Start a War included will be released… I have a feeling that after all the time she took that long writting and getting 100% involved in the process she does not want to associate herself with those songs anymore, no matter how “great” people think they are, they are not “her songs”.

  12. And the hearts, dont think they mean 4 bonus tracks. Take a a look at the other page, looks it’s her journal, the other page is filled with hearts as well.

  13. I think if fans really want Start a War to happen, then tweet her about it…IG her, etc. I wonder if one reason it has been forgotten is because it’s written by Sia and maybe Gwen doesn’t have the rights to the song anymore? I don’t know how that works.

    1. Start a War and all those other songs were written for her and not by her, the album title says it all. She is only releasing the ones she wrote and worked on and felt close to her heart. Dont think she loves the song as much as fans did, personally I didn’t care much for SAW and Sia’s body of work, I’m happy to have fresh and original material by Gwen.

      1. I know all of that. That’s why I’m questioning if Gwen even has the rights to the song anymore… Maybe it was given to someone else because she passed on it. I like Sia and I like the song, but I’m not upset that it hasn’t been released and I’m content with the live version.

        1. I’m content with it, too. It may have been written in reference to Gavin too which I could see her wanting to move away from completely. It’s just another nice song to add to our collections but the live version is good enough. We’re super fortunate to have heard it in the first place.

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