BREAKING: Gwen Gives Birth To Third Son, Apollo Bowie Flynn (Updated)

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Welcome Apollo Bowie Flynn Rossdale! Gavin Tweeted (which Gwen then retweeted) their new baby’s name this afternoon and explained how little Apollo’s middle names “Bowie” and “Flynn” are both of their mother’s maiden names. So sweet! We are so incredibly happy for the Stefani-Rossdale family and we are sending them all of our love and happiness!

Make sure to leave your comments and well wishes below for both Gwen and Gavin! <3

We would like to send all of our love and congratulations to both Gwen and Gavin on the arrival of their third baby boy yesterday!

Sources are claiming (including Us Weekly whom broke the news!) that Gwen gave birth yesterday, February 28.

No other details have been shared at this time but we couldn’t be anymore ecstatic for the Stefani-Rossdale family on their new addition! We can’t wait to hear more about him!

Us Weekly — Queen Gwen Stefani has a new heir to her throne.

The No Doubt singer and husband Gavin Rossdale welcomed a baby boy, their third son, on Friday, Feb. 28, two sources confirm exclusively to Us Weekly.

17 Replies to “BREAKING: Gwen Gives Birth To Third Son, Apollo Bowie Flynn (Updated)”

  1. Just when you thought Gwen could hardly top the weirdness of Zuma Nesta… lol 😉 I have to admit that I am not a fan of those supposedly “unique” baby names celebrities seem to love for some reason, but it’s nice that this name involves their mother’s maiden names.

    At least Gwen and Gavin weren’t as crazy as other celebrities, who name their kids after the city they were made in or after fruits lol.

  2. Well, I don’t want to be picky, but I studied history and basically Apollo had the function of a “healer” in Greek mythology. He is mostly portrayed with a golden lyre and that’s why more contemporary interpretations like to see him as “god of music”. His actual function as a god is to harness a chariot with four horses and “drive” the sun across the sky every day. It is not wrong to associate him with music, but he also has many other attributes in Greek mythology. Most notably Apollo shot arrows infected with the plague on Greeks during the Trojan War, because he was very vengeful. I know Greek gods are considered to be “cool” in popular culture, but most of them were actually pretty vile and cruel, so I don’t know if their names are that suitable for kids…

    He is, however, not the god of beauty. That’s Aphrodite.

  3. YYY, gives us a break. It’s just a name. And fyi it’s actually more common than Kingston and Zuma will ever be.

  4. Obviously it is none of our business what they decided to call their son. That said I don’t think Apollo is weirder than Kingston or Zuma. It is actually a more common name.

  5. C’mon guys it’s Gwen! We all know she’s not going to produce a child and call it Jack, Harry or Tom! Apollo is cute and very ‘Gwen’. I would love to know what she would call a little girl though!

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