Gwen Announces On Instagram She’s Having A Boy

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She’s having a boy! Gwen broke the news to everyone that herself and Gavin are expecting another boy! We are so, so thrilled for the Stefani-Rossdale family and thank Gwen for being so gracious and involving everyone in their excitement!

Gwen shared the news on her new official Instagram account this morning — make sure to follow her!

25 Replies to “Gwen Announces On Instagram She’s Having A Boy”

  1. Aaaw I was hoping for a mini-Gwen this time lol. Congrats! She’s gonna have a wild bunch at home soon with all these men 😉

  2. YES this is the cutest announcement ever!!! Congrats to Gwen, Gavin and their families. I personally think that Gwen is at her best when surrounded by boys :))) hahaha x

  3. Aww.. I’m so happy for them! Although I would have loved for them to have a little girl. But maybe they’ll keep trying like the Beckhams? 😀 Anyways.. this little bundle of joy has to be born first and I just wish this adorable family all the best!

  4. what a pity,………. i rly wanted a girl……………………………… 🙁 QQ i wanted another lamb era solo at least by her daughter..

  5. Aww— I was hoping for a mini-Gwen– but think about the poor little girl, she’d have so many expectations to live up to!! I guess this is going to make Zuma the awkward middle child, lol.

    I think Gavin must be composed of YY chromosomes!

  6. Congratulations to Gwen, Gavin, Kingston and Zuma!

    It may not be a girl that we were all hoping for to be a “mini Gwen”, but they make the prettiest boys!

    He’ll be so special…

    And can’t wait for the “NAME!”

  7. How could anyone say it’s bad news for a Boy.. Boys are Awesome!! Besides, there can only be ONE Gwen Stefani and I am happy it will stay that way!! Hail to Queen Gwen!!

  8. Some so called fans are so weird / childish. Have you realised that’s something you don’t decide? Of course we know she really wanted a girl. But c’mon maybe it’s meant to be this way. She’s so blessed after all.

  9. I think it’s so cute that she has only boys. It’s so ironic somehow, because of course people expect her to have girls so she can dress and style them, but I don’t think that’s what matters to Gwen. All she ever wanted was a big family and that’s what she has achieved 🙂

  10. She is lucky to be healthy and pregnant
    Boy or girl does not matter, health is number one plus she already has a stepdaughter

  11. I must say, I am more excited for the name of this little one to be. I think Gwen is well used to being around boys by now. 😀 And there isn’t anything wrong with that. 😀

    Congrats Gwen and Gavin.

  12. Aww I am so happy for her, I really felt a comment which just said all Gwen ever wanted was a big family :’) I am so happy for her, she has had a wonderful life and she is an incredible mother and it has genuinely just made me really happy haha! x

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