Adam Levine Confirms Gwen For New Maroon 5 Album

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Fellow season seven Voice coach Adam Levine called into On Air with Ryan Seacrest this morning and revealed that Gwen is confirmed for an appearance on Maroon 5’s new album, V, which is set to be released in September!

During the radio interview, Ryan asked Adam about the rumors regarding a collaboration and he confirmed it by saying, “How do you know everything already? I wanted it to be a surprise, but she is.”

It’s great to hear some official music news and we can’t wait to find out more about the upcoming collaboration soon.

17 Replies to “Adam Levine Confirms Gwen For New Maroon 5 Album”

  1. I’m pretty happy to hear that; my only thought about that is Christina did this but it was all a big success and they produced a good song so I’m sure this will be fab with Gwen and another huge hit so only a positive will hopefully come out of this 😀

  2. And so it begins! 😀 That’s a great chance for Gwen to step back into the game. I am super happy for her!!!

  3. Not feeling it tbh. I can’t stand Moves Like Jagger and most of their singles are cringeworthy. I hope that collaboration is worth it. I just see it as money grab and a way to appeal to mainstream public.

  4. ^ Well, maybe that how YOU see it, but maybe Gwen just really wanted to work with them? You’re so ridiculous sometimes…

  5. And you’re so pathetic. Dude, it’s an opinion. Deal with it. Not everyone’s gonna kiss your ass.

  6. I am really hoping for an energetic and high octane cut. I think a mellow duet would also work but I really want something memorable and catchy but not annoyingly repetitive.

  7. Just… yuck. Coming from Maroon 5 (and the new No Doubt direction) this gonna be another dupstep dance pop-rock hipster and mainstream shit…

  8. I’m so sad to see so many negative comments on this No Doubt fan site. :(:(:( This is exciting news for No Doubt and Gwen! Adam and Gwen’s voices together will be amazing! Very exciting news.<3<3<3<3

  9. The Bathcaver, how can it be both hipster and mainstream? I’m kind of lost… lol Do you even make sense? Actually if it was something like Looking Hot, I’d be pleased. I quite enjoyed that “No Doubt direction”.

  10. Like duh… You don’t think that Adam and Gwen are going to take advantage of judging The Voice together & collaborate on an album?! They’d be waisting an opportunity if they didn’t. I’m excited to hear what they came up with. And if it means new fans discover one or both of them, then bonus. What’s so wrong with being widely appealing?

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