Bonnie McKee Reportedly Writing for No Doubt

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In a new article from Genlux magazine, it’s being reported that American singer-songwriter, Bonnie McKee, is currently writing for No Doubt. McKee is behind some of the biggest hits from Katy Perry, Britney Spears and Taio Cruz. Though it would make more sense if she was working with Gwen on her now confirmed solo project, but the band seems to be more open this time around and we’re excited to see what is up everyone’s sleeves.

And now, she’s writing for No Doubt, the band led by her style and musical idol, Gwen Stefani.

Photo courtesy of No Doubt, 2012.

17 Replies to “Bonnie McKee Reportedly Writing for No Doubt”

    1. I agree but from the list of names that ND has “apparently” been working with before it wouldn’t surprise me. It does puzzle me that they would be reaching out to so many others this time around cause they are all still strong song writers (in my opinion) but I’ll keep an open mind.

  1. I don’t get it… So obviously Interscope has people writing new songs for Gwen and at the same time some of these people also write songs for ND? Feels messy and weird…

  2. Thanks for the link, I only like 3 of those songs listed. It seems like it would make more sense for solo stuff, so I wonder if the article got it wrong? So many rumors floating around!

  3. I find it weird. I’m sure they have something up their sleeve, but I hope the No Doubt record sounds different from Gwen’s solo even though it will be Poppier for sure. I just hope they don’t compromise their sound like BEP did with their last two albums. But yeah let’s keep an open mind… I’m ready for modern No Doubt.

  4. Rock Steady had a lot of big names that ND worked with and if the new ND album does a similar thing than that’s cool with me. As long as there’s more of No Doubts writing input on the new album and instead of 90% written by others than that’s fine with me. But this makes me wonder if No Doubt is being desperate to stay afloat in the top 40 industry that they’re willing to compromise their sound. Maybe since P&S didn’t do well and if ND is having trouble getting inspired maybe that’s why they’re having others write for them. I am keeping an open mind and hoping for the best. I will be excited to see them touring again regardless if the new album is just fluffy bubblegum pop up that sounds nothing like them.

    1. I’d hope for Gwen to be more involved with the songwriting of the No Doubt record, like she’s been doing since the TK era. Or at least not have dozens of randomers to offer them material… They’ve let other people step in before like Pharrell or Dave Stewart, but nothing like labels do for solo artists. I’m sure Gwen will be more involved with the band though. For example Push and Shove isn’t a typical No Doubt song lyrically but it’s still No Doubt. Now this Bonnie McKee seems outta place.

  5. Maybe that the No Doubt’s real philosophy is to be afraid of nothing and to stay open minded and not doubted ! lol
    Maybe, they will keep going to try others new musical style in all their career.
    We can notice that P&S has a very particular style “in the air ” differently others albums with
    One more summer,
    Dreaming the same dream,

    Maybe, they want to surprise for every albums !)

  6. I have two words: Maroon 5. It’s completely possible to let other songwriters in. It just frees up the creative process. Look at Rock Steady. (And I’ve always said that Push and Shove was Return of Saturn 2- took forever, they had something to prove, very laborius- and that the next album would be Rock Steady 2- spontaneous, “fuck it,” experiment with other artists.) Maroon 5 TANKED for a while and then TOTALLY TOTALLY sold out once Levine joined The Voice with ‘Got the Moves Like Jagger.’ But it didn’t matter, because it put them back on the map in a MASSIVE massive way> No Doubt ventured into more pop/modern production with Rock Steady years ago, so whatever they do now, using The Voice as their platform, is going to KILL. I do know a guy that works at a record label as an intern, and he told me over a year ago that No Doubt was openly advertising to songwriters for material. It’s not a bad thing, ESPECIALLY with ho wmuch they have going on in their lives, AND with The Voice, they have to make sure the timing is perfect. I don’t find the firing of the old management a coincidence, I don’t find Gwen’s fashion launches a coincidence, I don’t find The Voice a coincidence, I don’t find the Global Citizens Festival a coincidence, or new solo Gwen stuff a coincidence. They’re ready to rock again, and I. CANNOT. HANDLE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO DOUBT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I also believe that everything is part of a plan and something huge will be happening in the next few months to a year. Its a great feeling knowing that so many people are behind this band and they are still finding different ways to be creative with each other and others. Its just a different time and ND fans (especially those that have been following them from their early days) might feel a little hesitant in having so many hands in the mixing bowl. Especially lyrically. But like I said earlier, its a pretty exciting time and I’m looking forward to some fresh new music.

      1. Heya,

        I might of run into Donnie again at another 311 show a month ago…… We both might of been in a huge rush and I might of mentioned something about Gwen working with like 5 different producers and he said “I know.” and I might of said “well whats up with the 2015 summer No Doubt tour you told me might happen?” and he might of said “We’re still planning on it.”

        However I feel like if her solo thing takes off, then those plans, might not happen, as she’d probably ditch us again for her solo thing. Oh the wonders of loving No Doubt. Let’s stay hopeful!

  7. Let’s wait and see, Scott! I sincerely hope they don’t release a crap song like Moves Like Jagger or I Gotta Feeling just to put them back on the charts.

  8. I don’t mind others writing for ND at this stage in their career as long as it’s something they can pull off live and as long as it doesn’t drown out the boys like the overproduced P&S album did.

  9. I remember reading that Nine Inch Nails also left Rebel Waltz. So looks like Rebel Waltz is falling apart losing their biggest artists. If the new ND album sounded more like Rock Steady I would be cool with that cause than at least it would have more energy. I do like what Major Lazer did with the song Push and Shove which is a good example of collaborating with others, but it can be a bad thing if it doesn’t fit their style and it’s not coming from them, but if No Doubt contributes a fair amount to the writing than it’s a good thing. I’m just excited for new No Doubt and for their tour.

  10. Just beacuse shes writing for ND & Gwen does not mean it will be used. Writers and producers work on many projects in hopes that the work will be used but its a 50/50 chance. Also gwen worked with lots of writers on her solo like linda perry ( what you waiting for) and so many others. Co writing a song is great espeiclally if you want a hit you use the best hit makers to make this happen. It will Be ND and gwen all the way but 2014 music is soemthing new to them and they need some ideas which is gunna be amazing and i cant wait.

  11. No Doubt/Interscope Records would never “openly advertising to songwriters for material” —not like theres a flyer hung up at Interscope lol

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