Billboard: Gwen Once Considered For Rising Star; Possible New Management

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Gwen is featured in the May 3 issue of Billboard magazine and the article gives us a little more insight to her rumored Voice seat for season 7 and how she possibly might be under new management.

The article leads us to believe that a lot of people have their eyes on Gwen now, including mega manager to the stars, Irving Azoff. Insider reports are circling that Gwen (and No Doubt) have recently parted ways with longtime manager, Jim Guerinot, whom they’ve been with since 1998. Though Azoff commented to Billboard saying he hasn’t taken her on as a client, many sources are reporting otherwise. Billboard also says that this might be behind the rumors of Gwen appearing on The Voice, saying Azoff represents Christina Aguilera and possibly might have pushed her towards the deal as a replacement.

Also according to sources, Gwen was approached (and seems like almost a done deal) to be a judge for ABC’s upcoming singing competition, Rising Star.

Billboard — Gwen Stefani is being wooed by multiple suitors. According to sources, the No Doubt frontwoman, 44, was close to signing on as a judge for ABC’s summer singing competition Rising Star before choosing NBC’s “The Voice.”

Helping sway the singer’s vote? Mega manager Irving Azoff (Eagles, Van Halen, Chelsea Handler). He suggested Stefani replace another of his clients, Christina Aguilera, who will take a hiatus to have a baby. Although at press time the deal was not yet done, Stefani is expected to join Pharrell Williams, who takes Cee Lo Green’s chair, for season seven in the fall. “She’s a friend of the family,” Azoff tells Billboard of his relationship with Stefani.

The singer and her band No Doubt recently parted ways with Jim Guerinot, their manager since 1998. Stefani’s defection marks the second longtime client to leave Guerinot’s Rebel Waltz Management. Trent Reznor split in December to join John Silva’s Silva Artist Management. Azoff denies that he has taken Stefani on as a client, but insiders claim otherwise.

As for “Rising Star,” it too has had some commitment issues. (The show is produced by Dick Clark Productions, which is owned by Guggenheim Partners, the parent company of Billboard.) According to sources, rapper Pitbull and country star Luke Bryan have turned down the show’s judging invitation. “Rising Star” has now set its sights on Kesha and, with manager Scooter Braun (Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande) being considered for a mentor role. (Reps for Kesha and had no comment. A rep for Stefani could not be reached.)

A judging spot on a network hit can be hugely lucrative. Salaries range from $1 million per season, as Demi Lovato got her first year on Fox’s “The X Factor,” to upwards of $18 million, which was Mariah Carey’s salary on the 2013 edition of “American Idol.” Aguilera is believed to have recently been bumped up to $12 million a season on “The Voice.”

Stefani — who gave birth to her third child with Gavin Rossdale in February — would likely command a similar fee. And on the social front, Stefani — who has 1.15 million Twitter followers — starts ahead of Aguilera, who has more than 12 million followers, but sent her first-ever tweet on her Voice debut. The main network consideration, says one source, is “finding the pop artist that has the reach and social media following that can help draw in viewers.”

13 Replies to “Billboard: Gwen Once Considered For Rising Star; Possible New Management”

  1. Phew! Glad she turned down Rising Star’s offer. Anything that keeps her million miles away from

  2. I think it’s really exciting for them to be under new management. A lot of fans have been saying for a while that Gwen and ND need to branch out of their circle and reinvigorate their team. Things are starting to look up! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for fans on the music front.

  3. Not sure what to think about the change of management, but after the P&S fiasco maybe it was necessary. Sometimes fresh blood is what is needed to turn things better.

  4. I’m glad they have a new management now. P&S was a complete disaster and it can only get better from now on.

  5. You guys are saying ‘glad THEY have new management now,’ but what worries me is both Gwen and No Doubt left Rebel Waltz, so if only Gwen signs new management (this article doesn’t mention No Doubt as a band signing new management) that worries me a bit!

  6. Gwen’s baby shower was hosted by his wife, Shelli, so there be some truth to this report. And frankly, the band could use some new management after the last album.

  7. Rob, Jimmy is not their manager, he’s the head of a record company. To drop Jimmy they would need to drop their label. That being said, Jimmy Iovine is not going anywhere anytime soon.

  8. Does anyone know how many more album they have left with interscope? I think their biggest mistake was having that break before they release the second single but then again they had other obligations now. I predict the new album will be a lot more like rocksteady ( more radio-friendly singles driven)…I just want to see them live again 😉

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