“Big Announcement” Coming From Gwen This Tuesday (Updated)


In the last few days, Gwen has been spotted heading to dance rehearsals and a recording studio. Rumor is that Gwen will be hitting the road this summer for a few select live performances.

News correspondant Jason Kennedy shared a photo with Gwen from a new interview this afternoon and posted that a “big announcement” from Gwen is coming! She will be revealing what’s next from her on The Today Show again this Tuesday, January 20, which airs on NBC starting at 7:00 AM EST/PST. We’re very excited and will be tuning in for sure!

Any thoughts on what the announcement could be?

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  1. Yeah its either an album or tour. I have a feeling its going to be a summer solo tour announcement though. She seemed to be reworking her new album so I think its still early to announce a release date. Either way both would be great news and I am so excited to hear what gwen has coming for us!

  2. I’m just hoping she comes to pittsburgh this solo time around. She didn’t make a stop here for either solo era. I would rather it be no doubt but seeing Gwen at all will be great!!

  3. I think she will announce the Harajuku cartoon or her return to The Voice. Somehow I don’t think we will hear anything about the album soon-ish. She has only just started reworking it and she still needs at least one successful single to sell/promote an album.

  4. Hmm the Daily Mail has pics of Gwen from yesterday going to a dance studio no kids with Pete. Tour preparations? still I’m waiting for a lame big announment

  5. The cartoon thing?? I can’t think of one single human being alive that cares about that crap! She would never go on a national TV show to announce that haha. I could see a mini tour. People would want to see the old hits and that buys her time to finish the new stuff.

  6. I care about the harajuku lover cartoon lol. Anyways, I wonder how she’ll tour without the harajuku girls when most if her previous solo efforts revolve around that harajuku theme.

  7. ^ Only 3 songs refer the Harajuku girls. I think that’s not a problem, especially if she excludes Harajuku Girls and keep Rich Girl and WYWF?

  8. Am I the only one freaking out right now!? Gwen is about to announce a solo tour tomorrow. I know its not confirmed but I am pretty confident it will be, her mastercard deal includes a tour, her manager stated a tour is in the works and gwen had been spotted going to dance studios. I also don’t think it will be just a couple of shows because she likely wouldn’t announce it on tv like that. I think it will be at least a two month north american summer tour. I just hope she comes to canada!

  9. Or maybe she’s rehearsing for the academy awards! Maybe shine is nominated?! Just guessing……

    1. Nope, “Shine” wasn’t nominated. The nominees were announced last week and “Shine” is not among them.

  10. Lisa, I’m not freaking out cause I’m not in America. lol I hope she releases a DVD at least, that’s all I can say.

  11. A lot of people are bent on a tour announcement.
    Jenny, you should start a poll 😉
    What ‘gig announcement” will Gwen eb making tomorrow?
    A. A tour
    B. The album
    C. The cartoon
    D. Something totally unrelated and unworthy of being called a “big announcement”

  12. Hm, I just thought that we have totally ignored another possibility: What if the album got shelved/Gwen lost interest and she will announce a ND tour? We already know about some shows in May, so maybe Gwen just looked at the chart performance of “Spark the fire” and thought “Well, fuck it all…” and decided to go back to ND?

  13. It’s been confirmed that she’s going to Qatar for a special performance. Dunno if that’s the big announcement considering it’s just a specific place.

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