Battle of the Songs: Winner


Welcome to our first battle of the songs! Every couple days we had you vote for your favorite songs and through an elimination process, “Rare” came out on top! Here are the rankings based on your votes:

1st Place – Rare
2nd – Truth
3rd – Where Would I Be?
4th – Getting Warmer
5th – Naughty
6th – You’re My Favorite
7th – Me Without You
8th – Send Me A Picture
9th – Misery
10th – Make Me Like You
11th – Used To Love You
12th – Asking 4 It (feat. Fetty Wap)
13th – Loveable
14th – Splash
15h – Red Flag
16th – Rocket Ship
17th – Obsessed
18th – War Paint

View Round 8 Results: It started off neck to neck, however Rare quickly took the lead and ended with 302 votes while Truth ended with 185 votes. Rare consistently came in first place during all the other rounds as well. This has been extremely fun and thank you to everyone who participated during this event!

View Round 7 Results: Rare and Truth have made it into the final round of Battle of the Songs! It was a close race between Truth and Where Would I Be?, but Truth won by a mere 8 votes! Vote for which song you want to win the competition.

View Round 6 Results: “Send Me A Picture” (65 votes), “Me Without You” (71 votes) and “You’re My Favorite” (74 votes) were eliminated with the least amount of votes. “Rare” takes first place again with 177 votes and “Where Would I Be?” coming in second with 134 votes. This is the semi-final round before our final two! It’s pretty much a guarantee “Rare” will be one of the songs, but will the second be “Where Would I Be?”, “Truth” or one of the others? Vote for your multiple favorite songs again

View Round 5 Results: “Misery”, “Make Me Like You” and “Used To Love You” received the lowest amount of votes during round 5 and have been eliminated. There are only two rounds left before the final 2 songs are selected. It’s looking like it will be “Rare” vs. “Truth”, but you never know what will happen. For Round 6, you will vote on all your favorite songs that you want to proceed. Be careful though, by voting for a certain song it might be the reason another one of yours is eliminated! The bottom three songs for this round will be out.

View Round 3 Results: “Loveable” (65 votes), “Asking 4 It” (83 votes) and “Used To Love You” (83 votes) were eliminated for having the least amount of votes for this round. Unfortunately three songs were eliminated since “UTLY” and “A4I” were tied at 83 votes. Not surprising here that “Rare” took the #1 spot again with 224 votes. During round 4 you will pick which song you would like to vote back into the competition. The song with the most amount of votes will be placed back into the battle for round 5.

View Round 2 Results: “Splash” (59 votes) and “Red Flag” (56 votes) received the most votes for least favorite song on the album and have been eliminated! You will have a chance to vote back in one of the eliminated songs in the 4th round. For round three, you can vote for as many of your favorite tracks as you’d like! The two songs with the least amount of votes will be eliminated in this round.

View Round 1 Results: “War Paint” (5 votes), “Rocket Ship” (6 votes) and “Obsessed” (6 votes) received the lowest amount of votes and have been eliminated. Because “Rocket Ship” and “Obsessed” were tied, we had to eliminate both. If one of these were your favorites, don’t fret! There will be a round where you can vote one back in. “Rare” came in first place with 97 votes, almost double “Where Would I Be?” in second place.

202 Replies to “Battle of the Songs: Winner”

  1. Great idea. I will fight for Red Flag and Asking 4 It cause I think they are both great songs and not everybody likes em!

    1. The only songs I’m not feeling much are Send Me A Picture and Obsessed. Everything else sounds really amazing!

  2. I feel like a lot of people aren’t voting for Make Me Like You or Used to Love You (and to a lesser extent Misery) just because they’re not as new, but those really are some of the best songs on the album. I had to vote for Obsessed though, it’s such a cool song. Reminds me of What You Waiting For, and I couldn’t have it eliminated in the first round haha.

    1. Good point… and I think War Paint is at a disadvantage because it’s only available in Japan and maybe some fans still haven’t heard it?

        1. Exactly what I was thinking. I know most of us played those 3 songs to death but they’re great songs. UTLY is my top favourite no matter what. That’s one of Gwen’s best songs imo.

  3. MAKE ME LIKE YOU. Absolutely I love this song. I love I USED TO LOVE YOU too but MAKE ME LIKE YOU won for me. You are awesome Gwen and beautiful and I love seeing you and Blake together.

  4. Too many to choose from‼️I Love Blake and Gwen and wish them a life time of happiness ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️‍‍‍❣❣❣

  5. Are people really voting UTLY as their least fave though? I understand it’s a bit overplayed but it’s one of her best songs ever!

  6. It’s crazy how diverse everybody’s tastes are considering we are all fans of the same music. Can’t believe Obsessed is eleminated?? One of my very favorites. And now I see Red Flag on top as Least Favorite- that’s nuts too!
    I’ve definitely grown to like Splash so i hope it doesn’t get voted off.
    I voted Loveable btw.

    1. Omg you’re right! lol Loveable is one of my faves! Interesting to see each other’s favourites!
      I think this 2nd poll was a bit misleading. I doubt so many people are voting Rare as their LEAST fave. LOL

        1. Because people were expecting it to be for favourite song again and voted without reading… I guess I wasn’t the only one…

  7. Agreed I just about clicked vote until I glanced and saw it said least favourite.
    For me it’s either splash or naughty.

  8. Ugh! Rare better not get eliminated! People need to pay close attention to the instructions before automatically clicking on a song. Remember this poll is for LEAST favorite, not ‘favorite’.

  9. It seems like a new post should have been made so people would realize it was a different question? I don’t strongly dislike any of the songs, but I chose Truth. I don’t get why everyone is so in love with it…it’s just “okay” for me.

  10. Crap I should have read, I voted rare again as favorite didn’t realize it was least favorite. Love rare, Me Without You and Getting Warmer

      1. For me the chorus and the bridge kills Naughty. I do like Red Flag and would keep it before a few tracks that’s for sure.

  11. Loveable is the best song on the album, maybe not best single material but best lyrically, most honest, most gwen song on the album ❤️

  12. Least fav was Obsessed- glad that’s gone. IMO the worst Gwen solo I’ve ever heard.

    Next in line Naughty. I actually really like the verses (and the BRIDGE!!!! Incredible lyrics), and when she says “helloooo” so cute. But the chorus kills the song. I love bass music but that breakdown is embarrassing. If you’re gonna do trap do trap, but this is pop producer trying to do trap. No fault of Gwen!

    1. I don’t like that “and you’ve been naughty… uhh… uhh… uh…” sounds really annoying to me.

  13. Wow first time since release that I checked metacritic and TIWTTFL really dropped. Its only at a 62 now. Deserves at least a 70!

    1. Yeah, I agree it should be higher, but at least it’s higher than The Sweet Escape and Push and Shove. Maybe there will be a couple really positive reviews added late to it.

  14. I love “Getting Warmer”, “Rare”, and “Where Would I Be?”! I’m shocked that “Rare” is so low here!

        1. I thought someone saw a clip of the segment? Or is that the same person who claimed Misery and MMLY were about Gavin… LOL 😉

          1. I laughed so hard here that I almost spilled my coffee!!!
            But it was not him… it was our mutual (LOL) friend that made the statement.

  15. If Used to Love You isn’t even in people’s top 10 songs of the album, I’m leaving this website lol.

    1. I know. Like I said, I understand that it’s been a bit overplayed cause that’s literally what we’ve been playing for the last 5 months, but it’s easily one of the best songs of her career.

      1. Used To Love You is in my top 6 for sure. Unpopular opinion but Naughty along with You’re My Favourite can go this round in my mind.

      2. Yeah, I got it more in the first round, but seeing it so low when you can vote for multiple songs now is mind boggling haha, at least it’s out of the bottoms two for now though!

    1. I agree, it’s one of my favorites! Soon I will have none left on the list 🙁 I’m hoping it’s only low on the list because some haven’t listened to it. UTLY doesn’t deserve to be that low either IMO.

  16. That’s way too hard to vote for favorite songs because I love all of them more and more every time I listen. <3 <3

    Does anyone else think of No Doubt's "Staring Problem" when listening to "Obsessed"? That's one of those songs that I look forward to seeing Gwen perform. It's going to rock!

  17. Relistened to Loveable tonight and I do appreciate that track. The distorted breakdown where she says “I won’t miss ya cuz ur not the person that I thought you were” is maybe the most Return of Saturn sounding music I’ve heard from Gwen since, Return of Saturn haha. Very dark and honest and cool. I would love to hear a ND version of this song!

  18. Also Me Without You might be my least favorite song. :/ Something about the chorus is really empowering but also really cliche and impersonal and overdone? I felt like I’d already heard it a million times after hearing the chorus once. I really wish it would have been replaced with Lovable.

  19. ^what was Gwen’s comment??

    I totally got The Real Thing vibes from Rare. One of the many reasons I instantly loved that song.

    I did this nerdy thing and created a playlist combining my favorite songs from all 3 solo albums, to create a sort of “dream solo album”. It made me really appreciate the new album because I see how well the new songs work with her older songs- it all sounds cohesive and of the same quality, which is really what I was hoping for from her new work.

      1. She said *singing it* makes her want to puke. I think Gwen was saying that in reference to who/what it was about rather than how it sounds or how good of a song it is.

          1. LOL she still performs it, so it can’t be that bad. The remix probably helps.

    1. Dream solo album, what a good idea. Mine would probably feature Cool, Hollaback Girl, Bubble Pop Electric, The Sweet Escape, Early Winter/ 4 in the AM, Yummy, Red Flag, Naughty, Getting Warmer and Obsessed. All killers, no fillers 🙂
      What are your picks?

      1. WYWF, STF, MMLY, Sweet Escape, You’re My Favorite, Hollaback Girl, Where Would I Be, Luxurious, Getting Warmer, The Real Thing, Cool, 4ITM, BDL, UTLY, Early Winter, Me Without You, Misery, Rare, Truth

        It starts with her being in love, goes into heartbreak, and then finding love again. I think I’ll make a separate playlist of her funky tracks. *outnerding myself*

  20. Guys! I have to tell you. Me and my boyfriend and best friends went to the local gay club tonight. There’s three tiers – and we go up to the top one to buy drinks and go to the bathroom. When we went up – they were playing This is What the Truth Feels Like!!! It started with Rare, and then Red Flag, and then Misery. I was freaking out!!! 🙂

  21. I guess it’s obvious Rare is going to win the whole thing…

    Lovable, Splash, UTLY, and Obsessed are all favorites of mine, but I chose to save Lovable.

  22. Yeah, I’m not sure how many more questions can be asked about the same songs. I hope the next round eliminates like half of the songs so we can really see a difference in the rankings and also so it doesn’t take like months lol there’s so many songs.

  23. It’s hard bc as time goes by I get new favorites. Right now it’s you’re my favorite, red flag, obsessed. I didn’t see obsessed becoming one of my favorites, but Gwen just does that to me

  24. Ironically, You’re My Favorite seems to be the least favorite right now.
    I like the trippy sound effects and the verses are alright but to me the song is a bit middle of the road.

    Does anybody have a working link to War Paint? Still haven’t heard it ;(

    1. I knew that was going to happen! It’s a very RuPaul’s Drag Race moment (i.e. Any time a queen returns on the show they’re always out within 1-2 episodes.)

  25. How is naughty still alive?? That’s the worst song on the standard edition. Also it’s ironic that the 3 singles that were released are all eliminated now.

  26. ^I sometimes think the best songs on an album aren’t necessarily the singles. Suspension without suspense, for example, is my all time favorite ND song- but isn’t really given much spotlight ever (which sucks).

    I voted to keep getting warmer. Lyrically it’s not super interesting but I really like the melodies.

  27. Getting Warmer and Me Without You are so overrated though. Can’t believe people eliminated Loveable and UTLY.

  28. I am sorry, but where is new single? Where is new video? Please have a good choice for new single (Rare or WWIB) and film a great video. Don’t waste a time like with ND during P&S era. Unfortunately, for now it looks the same 🙁

    1. Make Me Like You is still climbing on radio, she shouldn’t release a new single yet. It hasn’t even been out for 2 full months yet. She’s not wasting time at all, she’s been promoting her new album a lot.

  29. Somehow…You’re My Favorite is still hanging in there! 😀 Nearly all my other favorite songs are gone though 🙁

  30. ^you’re my favorite is a great song for Gwen. No bells and whistles. And i like any song where Gwen mentions smoking lol 😛

  31. The album is #51 on iTunes US… Honestly I think she should start teasing the 3rd single… At this point MMLY has done its job.

    1. Wow just a few days ago it was in the top 20. I agree though and I said it last week too. Also MMLY is out of the top 100.

  32. Red flagis ex girlfriend part 2. Loveable best song on the album it sould have replaced “Asking 4 it”

  33. Ive never understood why she drops so fast on iTunes. Much smaller artists with random songs still maintain their chart positions even after Gwen drops, I don’t get why. If Misery is the next single the video needs to drop immediately, but I have a feeling this album’s popularity peaked with UTLY.

  34. The third single should have been out before SNL and GMA, so Gwen could have performed it there. Such a wasted oppurtunity.

  35. I actually think she has exceeded expectations considering that she has lost a lot of her fanbase in the past 10 years. It’s unfortunate, but she probably won’t have a huge hit again. However, I think she has done really well promoting the album and staying relevant and it seems that her record company is pleased with the results. She’s done The Voice, most of the talk show circuit, she has a few big shows coming up, she debuted at #1… I think this solo album is a success even if she doesn’t get a hit or doesn’t reach Gold status. She’s still fairing better than most of her contemporaries. Most important though, it’s a GREAT album. There isn’t one song that I cannot stand. I’m really pleased with her efforts! Now if she can figure out a way to do a North American tour this year…that will be icing on the cake! 😀

    1. It’s a “catchy” album but I don’t think it’s a “great” album… It’s not as innovative as LAMB (Gwen even took some risks with The Sweet Escape). It’s a cute, fun, and modern catchy mainstream pop album but I don’t think it’s a “great album”, I find it kinda boring because it’s too “safe” and generic, I only listened the full album one time. But I have too agree there’s a few great tracks on it and masterpieces like MMLY and UTLY. Also, Red Flag it’s great because it’s different.

      1. Well, everyone has their own idea of what a “great” album is. Most fans like yourself think LAMB was a great album…but I don’t. In fact, there are quite a few songs on it that I dislike. To each their own! I’m not sure how you can have any strong opinion on an album after only listening to it once though? I’ve had it on constant replay and my opinions have changed on quite a few of the songs (for the better) since the first time I listened to it.

        1. As if he only played this album once lol It’s so entertaining to read comments like that when we know it’s such a lie.

        2. Yeah. I’ve listened some tracks several times (MMLY, UTLY, Red Flag, etc.) but I only played the entire album once (I mean from track 1 to 17). As I said, the album sounds too generic for my taste but there’s some great tracks that I really enjoy. It’s not a bad album, it’s catchy… but I don’t feel most of the tracks.

  36. Where Would I be is the ULTIMATE (although not my favorite song on the album) next single for her. It has a summer reggae vibe and is multilayered with sounds of new gwen vs old no doubt. In my opinion this should have been the leading single before ANY of the others. That being said Rare is my favorite followed by You’re My Favorite. Also, War Paint is very radio friendly, like Fight Song. Anyways, I am a 34 year old professional man, but I still find joy in this album. I think that says a lot.

    1. It also has sounds of Hollerback Girl, Rich Girl and Underneath it All…Just saying.

      (This was supposed to be here)

  37. You guys better start listening to (and liking) Asking 4 It because that is CLEARLY her next single. She cannot stop mentioning it and asking fans about it.

  38. I feel like if we do get a third single it won’t be for awhile cause she just did a bunch of promo for MMLY so the album will probably die off for awhile then her team may try to resurrect it with a single in may. I have a feeling we will likely only get 1 more single out of this album unless whatever is picked does better than UTLY and MMLY

  39. My coworkers heard that Fetty was on her album and immediately said she was scrounging, which I agree with to some extent. It’s not unlikely that the label just wanted someone “of the moment” to make the album more relevant, and the fact that Fetty was clearly unmotivated to be part of it just speaks to that scenario. It’s a song born out of a business deal, nothing more. And that’s how I feel about a lot of these songs. They may be the “truth”, but it’s the truth told through Selena Gomez’s and Justin Beiber’s polished pop microphone. Which is maybe all her solo stuff ever was- a pop fantasy of Gwen’s. As a fan, I’m happy we at least get new music. Some of it is really good. But also as a fan, I don’t think this is the best music Gwen Stefani has ever made.

    1. To be fair, I think Gwen just wanted that collaboration cause she wants to show off to her kids. They love Fetty Wap! At least that’s what she said in a recent interview lol She could have someone else more relevant like Drake or Rihanna if she was that desperate for a hit.

  40. I’d like to see 4 or 5 singles but there’s usually only 2 or 3 singles if an album isn’t selling well or producing hits.

  41. Off topic: Does anyone remember an article where Gwen said “New” was about her love with Gavin and that she wanted that song to capture that feeling of fresh love? I know the lyrics can be interpreted differently and it was for the movie “Go”, but I never associated it to substances… What do you think?

  42. Of course New was about Gavin.

    This album is good, but Gwen and No Doubt are over. We just have to face it. Her single choices suck and all the Jesus and God and praying is actually hurting her image. While she may not be worried about her image, which we all know that’s all she cares about anymore, the entire religious thing is a super turn off as is her new relationship. Back on topic, the album has some good songs and of course the try hard songs that everyone is mentioning above. Nothing about this album is natural. I don’t hear Gwen. I hear Selena Gomez and Demi Levato. There are a couple exceptions with Where Would I be and Naughty, but it’s clear she was compiling as many “hits” as she could and failed miserably. These songs will not fair well on radio, just as none of her last 5 singles have back to Baby Don’t Lie, which unfortunately was a complete waste of time.

    1. I have been a fan since I 1996 when I was 14 years old. I just ant to clarify that I have followed very closely over the years and my opinion is not just some random persons.

    2. A lot of people hate Gwen on internet, I don’t know exactly why but I can feel all this hate since she started a relationship with Blake. Plus, seems like young generations don’t really like the way she sings… and think she sucks. They probably don’t know her older stuff and probably don’t really care. And yeah, young generations think she’s old.

    3. Jeeze since when is a reference to God or prayer been a bad thing? When you go thru something so painful it is common to reach for a calming presence and guiding support. For most of us it is God and religion. Gwen is Catholic and takes her kids to church.
      Blake has just released a song that he wrote last summer called Saviors Shadow that is very hymn like and will be on his new album and is being very well received.
      The negative comments you have read seem to be coming from some of his exes fans and they do seem to be extra vicious since some think Blake has gone Hollywood with his Cali gf. So I think they are critical of Gwen for that reason.
      I can’t think of any album where I never skip a song, only Gwen’s– so great.
      Anyway, they are artists and write and sing from the place where they are at and kudos for them both for being genuine.
      The song that sounds like Selena is because the same producer who worked on Selena’s worked on Gwen’s album. I actually really like that one and think it should be released as a single.

  43. CellophaneBoy20, I respect your opinion as a fan, but Gwen is doing fine. Of course, artists of Gwen’s generation are not going to play on Teenage Radio but Gwen does really well on Adult Radio, she had huge longevity with UTLY. At this point, it’s not about #1’s but longevity at radio and streaming.
    I’ll give you an example of another artist, Jennifer Lopez: her last hit was 5 years ago and her last album sold a mediocre 33,000 on the first week. But at this point it doesn’t matter, she has her fanbase, she’s now selling out her Las Vegas residency.
    Ok, Gwen is not a #1 singles artist anymore. And to be honest I’ll be surprised if the album sees a third single. However, that doesn’t mean she’s unsuccessful. Gwen has her fanbase, her first week was impressive for today’s standards. Gwen sold 84.000 equivalent units, while Fifth Harmony (an extreme popular act amongst the youth) sold 80.000 equivalent units, which is fucking impressive if you consider that FH released the album on Spotify, unlike Gwen. Kudos for Gwen!

  44. I just think the thing is- if she’s not here to compete with younger pop stars on the charts, then why is the music she making sounding like the music they make??? You get me? Its like if you’re going for that sound- make it the best coolest pop music out right now. Otherwise you’re just sacrificing your own artistic independence for nothing. (Please don’t read this as me bashing Gwen I mean this in a conversational tone lol)

    NDLOVER what were you asking?

  45. I totally disagree with you CellophaneBoy20. I think this album is totally and 100% Gwen. Of course it’s a 2016 version of Gwen, but it is still totally her. The lyrics, the melodies, the hooks. There are so many elements on this album that are so essential to her sound, I really feel sorry for you that you don’t see it. Even in this post-Gaga era I can’t think of any other artist that could pull off songs such as Naughty, Obsessed, Red Flag or UTLY.

    2014 was a horrible year for me as a fan, because I thought most of the music she released just sucked or was at least very underwhelming. I never thought she could get back to her former greatness, but she proved me wrong with this album.

    And yeah her singles are actually doing great on the radio.

    1. TIWTTFL is another soon-to-be classic album from Gwen Stefani! So many gems on this album, including the bonus tracks.

    2. I agree with YYY. I think it’s also important to note that the record company had an influence over the end result. Originally the songs she presented to them were deemed “too personal” and noncommercial in their eyes. I think she managed to form an album that was the best of both worlds…personal lyrics, but still current and sellable. I don’t think it’s the best work she’s ever put out, but I do think it’s a solid album and I’m thoroughly enjoying it! Songs like Loveable, Getting Warmer, Misery, Obsessed, Splash, and You’re My Favorite have all been on repeat on my iPhone since the album’s release! 😀

  46. My favs right now are Getting Warmer, Truth, Rare and Naughty is so great, so Moulin Rouge like.
    I could see Gwen on Broadway, singing that song.
    Does anyone else remember Gwen was asked about acting and she said she has something in the works?
    Anyone have any idea what that is? Also wondered even tho she is not a Voice judge right now, if maybe she will still do one of her new songs on the show.

  47. Now that the inicial excitement for the album release settled, we need to go back to streaming the Youtube videos because MMLY dropped 20 spots on The Hot 100 (easy just put it on, hit the repeat button and let it run while you do other stuff):
    Unfortunately in our day and age artists rely on streaming for recognition. That means we as fans need to make the choice to give them that recognition. This will determine how the label is going to support future ND/Gwen albums. Please consider this. 🙂

  48. I don’t quite get the whole “this is the most personal album” “confessional” “honest” labels that have been used to sell this album. Honestly, I don’t see how this album is any more or less “personal” than literally any other ND/Gwen album aside from ST. Besides UTLY, the lyrical content is actually quite light compared to a lot of the stuff on P&S even. This isn’t a diss, I just don’t find this album very emotional. I understand the whole divorce thing is quite heavy but there are far more complex emotions that Gwen has addressed scattered throughout her career ( cool, excuse me mr, dtsd, sparkle, happy now, wywf, basically all of ROS)

    1. Have you heard Loveable, Me Without You, Rare, Getting Warmer. And all the songs have a personal underline.

      1. Yes of course. But they’re not any more or less revealing or “deep” then many past songs. At least not enough to to warrant “most personal album she has ever made”
        Just saying

        1. I actually think we agree on many points, I just have a different attitude about it. The first time I listened to TIWTTFL I was expecting only radio songs, I’m not expecting ROS 2 at this point. But when I listened to Lovable and Me Without You (my 2 faves), I was perplexed, thinking “wow, Gwen did these two amazing songs!! In a time when she can afford to have Adele’s and Taylor Swift’s producers making radio songs for her, she chose to write this song instead and include it on the album”. Lovable is the kind of song I thought Gwen was only able to do in her ROS days, so I REALLY appreciated it.
          But that’s the beauty in the world, the diversity in people and opinions. 🙂

  49. Saw the Voice last nite and the judging panel seemed really dull without Gwen. I think they all had a really good rapport with her and raised their game when she was present. Chemistry is everything.
    Will watch tonite and see if any better.

  50. Surprised Target put the price of the the cd at 16.99. It was 13.99 initially when I bought it. Obviously it is worth the 17.00 dollars with the extra 4 songs but I think they would sell a lot more if that kept it at the 14 dollar price. I think it was the most expensive one in the store.
    Any way if I am in a store I put Gwen’s in front. In kmart it was hidden behind a stack of others so I brought the two copies to the front. Walmart had none so guess they were gone. Target had gotten a new shipment in.

  51. Doom- I thought about that too. I just think about this album as its own world like seperate from ND (cuz it is) and try not to compare songs cuz ND will always win. In its own right this album is solid and has some great songs. I’m happy to see Rare and Truth up. I think these are becoming my favs the way 4am & Early Winter are for Sweet Escape. And Cool and The Real Thing for LAMB. lol.

  52. I’m surprised that out of all the songs on this album “Truth” and “Rare” were voted into the final. I like both songs and they are both great, but for me they are also the most “conservative” and “basic” pop songs on the record. The least Gwen-ish songs actually. It’s a little confusing imho, because usually fans complain a lot about how “basic” Gwen has become and how generic her music is nowadays. Still they vote for the most radio friendly and most Taylor Swift-ish songs on the album lol. I think it’s kinda funny 🙂

    1. I agree. I like both of these songs a lot but they are definitely Gwen-lite compared to a lot of other tracks.

      1. Doom… try reading like this: “this is the most personal album” “confessional” “honest” solo album.
        Both LAMB and TSE were good, not too personal like the work she did with ND (ROS). So yes, TIWTTFL is her most personal album from all her solo releases 😉

  53. Rare and Truth are pretty much a tie for me but glad Rare won cause it is great.
    I think a sign of a great album is when you have to keep changing favs cause you like so many. I have had the hardest time picking favs.

  54. YYY – I think the lyrics of both Truth and Rare are very “Gwen-ish”. She was going for a pop sound and she did it successfully on these tracks. Maybe songs like Red Flag and Naughty have more identifiable attitude, but the melodies aren’t as a strong which is probably why they have less votes. There are so many styles of Gwen from ska girl duetting with Sublime, to artsy girl singing Too Late, to pop girl singing Cool, to crazy girl singing Wind It Up. I don’t think it’s fair to say any of these songs are more or less Gwen. It’s all Gwen.

  55. Does anyone think Gwen could get any Grammy noms for this album, and if so what categories and what songs?

    1. I hope Rare gets a Grammy. I’m not very familiar with the nominations though. Rare is really catchy in my head! It needs some recognition!

  56. Hey what happened to my comment? Did you seriously delete it just cause I said Truth (the song) was boring? Or why did you delete it? I’ll say it again then, I think Rare is a beautiful song and Truth is bland and boring.

  57. I didn’t ask anyone to “feel sad for me” because I voiced my opinion on the album. Anyways…

    Rare is so much like wonderful life that it has to be a single. She really missed an opportunity by not releasing wonderful life. Also, where would I be needs to come out after red flag to boost up the singles. In my opinion next singles:

    Red flag (only because the public needs to hear more upbeat Gwen at this point), rare and finally where would I be

    If I were the one choosing in my dream world then I would probably place where would I be, red flag then rare.

    1. To be why I wrote red flag above I was actually thinking of asking for it. I have no idea why I was writing a red flag. Ha ha

    2. To be fair, no one said they felt sad for you… they only displayed their views on the album, like you did.

  58. I think she has potential for best album. I really like Ed Sheerhan’s last year, and also Sam Smith’s but I still skipped over several of their songs on their albums.

    1. Considering it only has a 62 on metacritic and isn’t selling super well I can pretty much guarantee it wont be nominated for album of the year. Even a pop category is unlikely with so many newer artists.

      1. Yeah…I agree. Album of the Year is very unlikely. At the most she might get a best pop vocal performance or best music video, but I find those unlikely as well. Adele will sweep next year anyway.

  59. Forgot to add I was speaking of the Grammy’s. Gwen could get a nom in the Best Pop category.
    It is conceivable that she could get a single in too. Both she and Blake could each be there. Possibly with Came Here To Forget for Blake as best Country single. He has a new album coming out in May which could make it in too…heard it is supposed to be good. Would be so great if they both get in.

  60. You guys what do you think (honestly) is going to be the next single? I’m still thinking Misery will be released as the official third single… If not, I’m sure WWIB? will be the next single…

  61. Don’t count on the Grammys guys. It’s an award show that puts commercial success above quality, specially in Pop categories. I actually dislike the Grammys and only watched the last one for Gwen.

  62. Y’all are effing wrong for not voting for War Paint if you’d actually listen to the song you’d realise it’s better than most of the songs on the standard version

    1. The problem is that the song is so inaccessible to most fans so they haven’t heard it meaning it didn’t get the votes it deserves. I agree, “War Paint” is incredible and it’s a huge shame that it wasn’t included on at least the international deluxe edition. Same with “Lovable”.

  63. The lyrics on War Paint are good, except for the “I’m going tribal on ya, on ya, on ya, on ya, on ya”–that part is annoying and also the creepy male chants are a turn off, imo.

  64. I guess the top 3 of this ranking makes sense to me, but I don’t understand how “Obsessed” wasn’t voted higher.

  65. Obsessed is soooooo good imho. It’s like WYWF mixed with Danger Zone haha. I never thought Gwen could pull off such a song again.

  66. War Paint is the most unique song on the album, but I understand why it was voted out first…probably not everyone has heard it yet. SMAP is one that I feel is ranked too high. It’s not a bad song, but Loveable, Obsessed and Splash are definitely better IMO

    1. Yeah SMAP is so overrated! The song isn’t bad but there’s better ones on the album like YMF or Truth.

  67. Interesting to see the position of the singles

    9th – Misery
    10th – Make Me Like You
    11th – Used To Love You

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