Backstage at the American Music Awards

Prior to hitting the stage tomorrow night for a performance of “Used To Love You”, Gwen shared a photo from rehearsals for the American Music Awards. She also sat down with Atlanta’s Adam Bomb for an interview and reminisces about her past solo tours and how she never planned on bringing her touring with her albums. When asked how she mentally prepared herself on the road in 2005, Gwen jokes around saying she remembers crying a lot but found herself being lifted up by the audience. She remembers feeling sick often on the road due to her first pregnancy and the songs she would perform.

Gwen Stefani with Adam Bomb @ the AMAs! from Nash TV on Vimeo.

Gwen says she’s feeling a little “overwhelmed” by tomorrow’s AMA performance. She feels the whole moment is surreal since she hasn’t performed on her own at an awards show like this in a long time. Gwen talks again how releasing the single has been therapeutic for her since she only wrote “Used To Love You” recently. “The support from people has just been incredible” and she says that she’s been able to feel the love from fans.

“The bad stuff doesn’t necessarily penetrate me because none of it is really real.” She says she’s not bothered by the negativity online since she doesn’t know who’s on the other side of it. Gwen shares the main reason why she loves playing live is because she gets to see fans in person. She also loves being able to share what she’s doing online with fans and seeing fans spread the love and interacting with her.

Gwen credits The Voice as a source of inspiration and never saw herself being on a television show. The show has made her reflect and “wake up” while being around music and helped her rediscover herself.

She admits that it’s been tough juggling all of her roles and projects — especially after becoming a mother but says “it always seems to work out.” She shares that she flew out to Dallas for a meet and greet earlier.

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