“Baby Don’t Lie” Music Video Premiering Tuesday; Sneak Peek Tonight

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Billboard has shared that Gwen will debut her music video for new single “Baby Don’t Lie” tomorrow in full on Vevo and will be giving us a sneak peek tonight of it on The Voice. The article also confirms that longtime collaborator Sophie Muller directed the video.

We’re very excited! Gwen’s new single debuted on iTunes late last night and is available now.

Make sure to tune into The Voice tonight airing on NBC at 8:00 PM EST/PST.

11 Replies to ““Baby Don’t Lie” Music Video Premiering Tuesday; Sneak Peek Tonight”

  1. This is seriously excellent news. Gwen needs to capitalize on her new single by seizing the moment. Too many artists wait too long to release the music video. Hopefully the visual will augment the song and catapult it on to the charts–NO LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I bet the live performances will also be exponentially better than the single because the main criticism that comes up is that she sounds auto tuned.

  3. No I also don’t understand why people keep mentioning “autotuning” but a live performance will easily dispel this inane accusation.

  4. No matter what song an artist releases they’re instantly accused of using autotune or being generic. I just roll my eyes and keep scrolling down. This is Gwen Stefani we’re talking about, not Britney Spears. I realize they can use some effects to improve her voice such as tuning but this is far from being autotune. It’s not like she’s singing Chandelier or some other challenging songs that need some work done.

  5. Autotune is an industry STANDARD in pop music this day and age. Over 90% of pop tunes use it. Its not that they can’t sing it. Its that it makes the song feel familiar since all other major pop hits use it. And you won’t “hear it” and thats the way they want it. This isn’t using it in the noticeable way that some rap artists do. Not a big deal.

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