“Baby Don’t Lie” Maxi Single Listing; “Start A War” and “Carousel” Included As Bonus Tracks? (Updated)


As of now, we should take this listing with a grain of salt due to the credibility of the information and source. Rumors are going around that “Start A War” is possibly getting a release in November but we are still waiting for an official update from Gwen and her team at this time on any future releases and projects.


A new listing for a “Baby Don’t Lie” maxi CD single has been added to Discogs.com with a scheduled release for October 16. The single’s listing includes the album version of “Baby Don’t Lie”, an alternate version of “Baby Don’t Lie” (which may be the version that was uploaded briefly to the German Universal site), “Start A War” (produced by Arnthor Birgisson) and “Carousel”, Gwen’s re-worked song with Pharrell Williams. The single artwork has yet to be added (though it’s credited to be from photographer Daniel Sannwald) and is being released by Interscope and Mad Love Records.

The timing seems a little peculier but we’re excited at the possibility of see it being released physically, especially alongside two new tracks. We’ll keep our eyes on the listing and update fans when they are able to order the single. This would be a nice way to get the songs to the fans and not having to include them on her final album track listing. We don’t see it listed anywhere else as of yet but we’ll keep you posted.

Below are more specifics on the release; please note that there are a few significant errors in the listing such as having writer Benny Blanco’s name listed twice (his real name is Benjamin Joseph Levin) and including the “Baby Don’t Lie” album version, which is either confirming that the single will make Gwen’s final track listing, which we’re assuming it won’t, and if what we’re assuming is correct, it should be listed as single version.

1 Baby Don’t Lie (Album Version) (3:23)
Co-producer – Noel Zancanella
Producer – Benny Blanco (3)
Written By – Benjamin Joseph Levin, Benny Blanco (3), Gwen Stefani, Noel Zancanella, Ryan Tedder

2 Baby Don’t Lie (Alternate Version) (3:20)
Co-producer – Noel Zancanella
Producer – Benny Blanco (3)
Written By – Benjamin Joseph Levin, Benny Blanco (3), Gwen Stefani, Noel Zancanella

3 Start A War (Bonus Track) (3:42)
Producer – Arnthor Birgisson
Written By – Gwen Stefani, Sia

4 Carousel (Bonus Track) (3:48)
Producer – Pharrell Williams
Written By – Gwen Stefani, Pharrell Williams

Harajuku Lover Music (ASCAP) and BMG Publishing (ASCAP)
â„— 2014 Interscope Records (Mad Love Records)

Barcode: 6 86532 68164 0
Mastering SID Code: IFPI LV26
Matrix / Runout: GSBABYCDP1 01
Label Code: LC 06406

Thanks to Chris for sending in the link.

84 Replies to ““Baby Don’t Lie” Maxi Single Listing; “Start A War” and “Carousel” Included As Bonus Tracks? (Updated)”

  1. I really hope this is true!!! I wish “Star War” was a single. ATLEAST we are getting some new music.

  2. This doesn’t really make sense to me so I wouldn’t be surprised if it were false. But would be awesome to finally hear carousel.

  3. I could see Carousel being dropped but I’d be surprised if they dropped Start a War since Sia helped and it sounds reminiscent of her music.

    I really hope this comes out and I can buy it.

  4. i rly HOPE “carousel” is blasting and devastating to those new pop singers.

    i rly hope gwen made a strong hit there!!

  5. Hm… I’ll file this under “weird rumour”. Why would they release BDL as a physical single in the UK one year after it was released in the UK? And waste SAW as a “bonus track”? I got a little excited when I first saw this, but the more I think about it the weirder it seems.

  6. At first I was very excited to read this but I agree it doesn’t make a lot of sense. Is Gwen really going to do promotion ?? Otherwise it’ll just be another fart in the wind.
    I can’t imagine Gwen would want to do press when they will all ask questions about her failed marriage.
    And start a war definitely deserves more than just bonus track. However i can’t imagine, given Gwen’s personal situation, that it would be released as an official single anytime soon.

  7. I guess the lyrics to Baby Don’t Lie could be very fitting to the current situation we see and this could be why she didn’t want to promote it before? Someone might’ve told Gwen now to maximise on this current press… Turn something sad into having some slight commercial benefit? If news are going to be writing about her it might as well be related to her music so it creates buzz for an end of year release? Who knows what will really happen though.. x

  8. @Jam – maybe it is wise commercially but it seems in poor taste to want to capitalize on something like that. Maybe like 6 months later, OK, but not in the eye of the storm

  9. I Tweeted out to Interscope to see if the listing is legit. It seems pretty official but I’m curious why it’s being released a year later.

  10. I think Gwen will release Start a War or Carousel as a single in USA and this songs will be released just as UK bonus track (b-side or a-side, idk). It’s not the fist time I saw it, Fergie did the same with Fergalicious and Clumsy in Uk too.

  11. Strange how its coming out so late but I hope its true, the UK never got the iTunes release of BDL so this would be a great treat.

  12. Jenny, maybe Gwen is re-releasing the single to promote? Maybe this time with an alternate version that expresses a little bit more about what Baby was lying about?

  13. This seems so strange to me. However, par for the course that we finally get to hear SAW and carousel as bsides on a single that is already a year old, released on a nearly obsolete format! Backwards in every way. Go interscope!

  14. I also take this a bad sign for the release of the album. If SAW was a strong contender to be on the album, why would they just release it on this random maxi CD? Makes me think they are throwing in the towel.
    The only way it could make sense for me is if SAW is properly released before this comes out. Who knows.
    Part of me hopes this is false info. Part of me doesn’t if it winds up being the only way we get these songs. Get ready to rip those CDs if you can find a cd slot and party like its 2001!

  15. Interesting how Ryan Tedder isn’t credited for the alternaste version. I agree with yyy that this EP is a bit strange. Why would they promote BDL after a year? Unless she’s going to promote SAW and reissue an EP with the BDL versions.

  16. I’m happy to have any new music come along!!! In all fairness, once an artist is as big as Gwen, they can basically release anything however they want. The rules are changing and singles are not always tied to album releases (right?). I remember Gwen mentioning in interviews around P&S, the excitement of the changing landscape and tossing around the idea that maybe ND could just release an ep here and there. I would be totally down for that. If this does come to be an official release, (unusual timing aside) it reminds me a bit of how K-Pop groups actually drop a number of singles over the years approaching a full album release just to help buzz and keep their names in rotation. Often those songs are one-off singles/videos and are not represented on the full album.

  17. I agree with DOOM in that it makes me think that an album isn’t coming… Having said that, today’s music trends don’t necessarily include full album releases, so she could just be getting some music out there with more to come later… But then I think, maybe by waiting to release this music until after the divorce papers are filed ensures that the profits are not considered “joint property”. Maybe that’s why she took so long to release anything. She knew that the divorce was coming. Could be strategic in that way…

  18. I’m starting to get worried now… Throwing out SAW, which I think we can all agree is a strong single contender, as “bonus track” for a single that already flopped? Makes me think that they really scrapped this wholo solo album and try to milk what’s left to milk now by throwing some bones…

  19. As SettleDown pointed out on the official forum, why is the first track title Album version? What album could this be referring to?

    1. Yeah, that was one of the first things that stood out to me, too. It should be listed as “Single Version” unless it is confirmed to be on her album. I wish we would get official confirmation about this.

  20. Yeah we definitely need more info. I’m not buying that bonus tracks things. Start A War isn’t B-sides material. Just saying!

  21. That’s what seems so odd to me… Making SAW a “bonus track”?! And why would they want to release the alternate version of BDL now? All videos have been taken down as if they wanted to pretend this never existed… I’m still not sure if this is legit at all. This whole thing is so weird and confusing…

  22. is it just me or did the Vevo BDL video / GwenStefaniVevo jump from 9M views to 23M since the divorce news? I could have sworn it was only at 9M?

  23. Could very well be. I wish people would stop saying Baby Don’t Lie must’ve been written about Gavin because Gwen didn’t even write that song. It was that dude from onerepublic. Same goes for Start a War, that’s all Sia. And early winter is 99% Keane!

  24. Well, it kinda make sense Gwen’s baby lied and she’s about to start a war. She might not have written those songs but it seems like a vivid description of her current situation. Maybe it’s their way of wrappin her solo stuff cuz she heading back to no doubt. Aside from he kids, her band has been her refuge.

  25. I’m pretty sure Gwen determines what kind of themes she wants on her album. So I don’t think the theme of BDL or SAW are a coincidence. Even for Early Winter she changed a little the lyrics, like for example the “you lied to me all these years” that is not on the original version. Some of the songs may be handed to her but others she probably sits and tell them, “ok there’s this character here and I want something around this theme, a song in the vein of [insert song title here]… and so on.

  26. I think they released spark the fire prematurely. Hindsight is 20/20, they saw the potential Baby don’t lie had and maybe they will release it in the UK as a buzz single. I’m excited for what’s to come! SAW sounds amazing live and I hope she captured that raw emotion in the studio version because let’s face it – the emotion in that song is what makes it amazing

  27. Whatever they decide to release next, an EP or Maxi Single, I’m down for anything. Better than nothing. But I’m still not convinced that’s official.

  28. Jenny, you will let us know if you got confirmation from Interscope right? It’ll be so nice to have new music to look forward to 🙂

    1. Of course! I keep looking around for anything else about it and no one has yet to respond, so we’ll see. I’m crossing my fingers!

  29. I feel like there’s something extremely fishy about this…..

    it doesn’t make sense to me any way I look at it….???

  30. According to this link the album has been scrapped with this as the replacement.


    No one loves solo Gwen more than me but the solo Gwen we saw in 2014 was embarrassing. Spark the fire and it’s use of emojis was very juvenile. Age is a factor and you don’t want to adopt the Madonna effect.
    I wouldn’t of believed that the album would be scrapped until I saw start a war on the track list. It seems a odd choice and considering how big Sia is at the moment would seem like the ideal single choice.

    Considering Gwen’s personal situation it is probably for the best if she focuses on herself, Kingston, Zuma and Apollo right now and in time release a no doubt album as I think no doubt are her muse and she could write an outstanding album. Further into the future I hope she finds a partner who truly loves and respects her and gives her eternal happiness and the simple kind of life she always desired

  31. @debbie, thanks for that link! That lil article kinda hit the nail on the head about a lot of things. Whoever wrote that sounds like they’re a true fan

    I love how it mentions the mess that IS ‘start the fire’ & how nothing about gwens music used to be safe.

  32. Yeah I’m starting to think this could be the “Sorry, the album isn’t happening EP…” for the fans… Why would they make SAW a b-side on a BDL single? This can only mean that SAW won’t be a single itself. Well, Gwen’s latest solo era was fun while it lastet… not. Maybe ND can re-record some of her new solo songs now.

  33. I noticed Benjamin Joseph Levin and Benny Blanco are listed in the writing credits, when they’re the same person. lol Fail? That’s odd…

  34. Ugh I really hope the album isn’t cancelled 🙁 but I guess it would make sense with whats going on in Gwen’s personal life right now.
    But if this was the alternative to the album, again why would BDL be called (Album Version) and why isn’t the reggae esque song she recorded “Lifting You” included? 🙁

    Not to mention Spark the Fire, I mean I know it flopped but its pretty clear that Gwen loves that song so I can’t see her scrapping it just because it didn’t do well commercially? I feel bad that Spark the Fire flopped, it wasn’t great but it deserved more attention than it got. Also Gwen promoted the sh*t out of STF, it must have been pretty hard on her that it just never took off.

  35. Guys, this is a UK release. Baby Don’t Lie wasn’t released in that country and if they want to grab their attention they better release something extra (hence the bonus tracks). Maybe they need to do this 1st before dropping the album? Probably they’ll be pushing Start A War as the next single in the US. So many questions…
    It’s all so confusing… If she scraps the album I will cry. She has recorded dozens of songs… 🙁 I can’t live with the idea that she has enough material for a couple of albums and won’t be releasing it.

  36. Due to what’s going on in her personal life I dont see her pushing/promoting an album one bit. I think after the voice she’ll be m.i.a. & its 100000000%%%% understandable! All the love in the world to our Gwenie-Gwen-Gwen!

  37. I doubted her solo album would be released even before the divorce hit the news, but now that we know her personal life is rough right now, I am even more certain an album won’t be released. I’m sure she wants to be with her kids and I support her on that. It would be awesome to at least hear those new songs though. Really, singles are the way to go. Albums don’t sell anymore – unless you’re Drake or Swifty.

  38. I hope they share some info next month. September is still a good month. Otherwise I can’t see them releasing this album at all.

  39. I don’t even think the divorce has anything to do with this. Every record label would be really happy to have some “story” to go with the music. Remember how “Don’t speak” was promoted back in the days… Gwen and Tony had to tell their story in every single interview.

    Interscope could just release “Start a war” now and promote it as Gwen’s “response” to the divorce or whatever. I think the sad truth is that nobody really believes in this project anymore. Gwen never seemed to be really motivated to record and promote new solo music and after BDL and STF Interscope probably just lost interest in pushing it forward since they will likely not get much out of it anyways.

  40. I agree with Amanda g 100%. I also had strong doubts even before the divorce news & now I think its not seeing the light of day. Things happen for a reason & things also dont happen for a reason. I see your point also YYY, you make some good points

    1. This does look a little more accurate but plans and releases could change at any time. I think if she (and Interscope) wanted to capitalize on the song’s momentum, they should have released it back in February or sometime after. Oh well, we’ll have to see.

  41. Bob, anyone can post on discogs. It’s like wikipedia. I don’t know but I smell a rat. At least this November release makes more sense and t comes from Universal.

    1. Wait, is that really what Discogs is? Hmm… this is more than likely fake then. What a bummer. Just more reason to not believe everything you read. It’s getting to the point where most of us are beyond desperate for an update on what’s going on.

      1. Yeah Jenny, I’ve read comments on ATRL (I think) saying that discogs isn’t always reliable cause sometimes people make up stuff. Probably you should edit your original post and add a small note or something. But the SAW release seems more reliable cause it seems to come from Universal.

        1. Yeah, I did that a few moments ago to the top. Ugh, I wish I would have known that before hand. But you’re right, with the blatant errors in the credits and the source, I’m leaning towards this being fake.

  42. And if SAW is going to be released as single in US then I guess it proves that the BDL maxi-single is fake.

  43. @ndlover, I agree, the BDL maxi single males no sense, especially with the credit errors you pointed out.

    I think it would make sense for SAW to be released while she’s on the voice. Maybe she’ll make a video, perform it on the voice and that’s it.. Just a lil treat for fans. Who knows, its anyones guess right now. I just hope there’s no pressure on her right now from the label or anyone else. I want her to be well before she embarks on anything else

  44. I agree BOB….that makes the most sense. And if SAW ends up being successful for her, then maybe she’ll get passionate and excited again to release more.

    I kind of wish it would be something more upbeat though. SAW is great, but I would think it would also be heart wrenching for her. But music heals I guess… Great music/performances usually come after heartbreak.

  45. My only concern is that the media may pick up on the lyrics of SAW and associate it to Gwen’s divorce. Not sure if Gwen is ready to deal with that…

  46. We dont actually know anything about her personal situation. She could have been dealing with this divorce for a year already. She could have been seeing other people and wanted out for her own reasons. She could be relieved, over it or a complete emotional wreck. We just don’t know.
    People keep suggesting that she can’t possibly be a professional and continue with her career. I think that’s very unfair to assume.

  47. Not picking on you NDLOVER. Just what I’ve been gathering from the media. Of course, I wish her the best but that’s a far cry from assuming because she is a woman she is totally beaten down and falling apart.
    SAW is obviously about a troubled relationship. Why not sing about that if that’s what she is/was going through? To me that is more interesting than singing about emojis

  48. I want to make it clear that it’s not that I don’t think Gwen is a professional. She is doing The Voice and No Doubt shows so obviously she wants to work or fulfill her contracts. I guess it’s the emotional side of me that feels for her and her kids. Plus it’s gotta be rough going through that in the public eye with all these rumors, paps, and losers coming out with stories about cheating, etc. It’s gotta be tough even for the strongest of people! I think she is very classy and professional, but I also understand if she’s not into the music thing right now. But yes, no matter what, people will pick apart her lyrics to find hidden meaning in them, so she might as well release whatever she wants!

  49. @DOOM, I totally get what you’re saying and dont disagree… But I think maybe some of see or think of Gwen as a VERY emotional person…..maybe even a lil fragile…. Being fans for all these years… But I hope she feels the way u suggested that would be great

  50. Am I the only one, who thinks November seems a little too late to release SAW as a single? This song has been around since February… I think Interscope should try to get this on the radio in early September. I know this sounds a little odd, but I’m sure radio stations would give it a lot of attention now, because of the lyrics and the divorce. Why not use the divorce and turn it into something positive?

  51. @Yeahyeahyeah, If they planning to release SAW as a single on November, they will probably release it on January or february 2016 lol. So november is not that bad. But of course i totally agree to you. Turning it into something positive idea could work 🙂

  52. Well, when they’re ready we’ll be around. I don’t think they’re fans like us. I roll my eyes when rihanna or Ariana fans cry when their idols don’t release new music every 6 months. lol Try 5-10 years. 😉

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