“Baby Don’t Lie” Impacting UK Radio on Jan. 12


According to Radio1.gr, “Baby Don’t Lie” will finally be released and is scheduled to impact UK radio starting next Monday, January 12.

A rumored remix EP is said to be on the way soon and the single is also available to pre-order from Amazon.co.uk with a slated release for January 11. We’re thankful to see that Gwen’s new music is finally making it’s way overseas for fans!

19 Replies to ““Baby Don’t Lie” Impacting UK Radio on Jan. 12”

  1. Something that’s completely unacceptable in 2015. New music should become immediately available worldwide at the same time.

  2. It’s all part of the promo strategy NDLOVER, this ain’t a random decision. I’m thankful there’s any promo whatsoever in the UK since I live in Europe.

        1. Okay, neat. I wonder if she’ll be taking time off or promoting — well I guess she could do both. It would be awesome if she did indeed perform “Baby Don’t Lie” while over there, or at least made a few promotional appearances.

  3. Why promote it there and not here in the U.S.? This “strategy” is weird. Her record label is going one way and she’s going another way. They need to work together. Hopefully we will at least get a few live performances if she goes there.

  4. At this stage if she performed BDL for the 1st time in the UK as an exclusive it may be a great strategy. But I won’t hold my breath cause we shouldn’t have high expectations about Gwen’s plans…

  5. At this point who knows, If she’s doing interviews there awesome, she should release the remix. Other than that my expectations about anything music related is minus 10. She should release all the songs she has on itunes and get over it. I wonder if she’s going to the PCA

  6. My first thought: its a little late! But yeah hoping she will promote BDL in the UK maybe it can become a hit there at least…

  7. Yeah… to be honest, I’m expecting BDL to become a top 400 smash in the UK just like Looking Hot. Probably even worse. Maybe a few hundred prople will still buy this now.

    “Impacting” UK radio sounds a little over the top since probably no station will start playing an almost three months old single now that won’t be promoted anyways… 😉 She’s on vacation in the UK and probably visiting Gavin’s family. There’s just no way she could possibly bother promoting a single she never cared about in the first place.

  8. Lisa, yeah you never know. Anyway these days it doesn’t make much sense to have different releases in countries such as Germany or UK. If someone really wants a song and it’s not available for purchase they will download it illegally. After 3 months they can’t be bothered to buy a song when it becomes available. It’s a stupid move, no matter what. But I hope Gwen does some quick promo over there. It would be nice.

  9. Hopefully, they have refined their marketing strategy. I’m glad she is off the voice and able to promote her music properly.

  10. Guys, no need to worry cuz this is the single release procedure in the UK, songs impact radio later and then the digital release only happens a few days before the album drops, so that the album sales give the single a boost on the charts. That’s the way all the big pop singers do it now, songs always drop later in the UK nowadays.

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