“Baby Don’t Lie” Heading to Radio Oct. 14 (Updated)

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Interscope has confirmed that “Baby Don’t Lie” will be released on Sunday, October 19.


As if it couldn’t be more official than coming from Gwen herself, reports are confirming that her new solo single, “Baby Don’t Lie”, is set to debut on pop radio Tuesday, October 14. A tentative release date of October 6 was also mentioned to help promote alongside The Voice. Gwen reportedly shot the music video for her new single with Sophie Muller last weekend in Los Angeles.

“Baby Don’t Lie” is said to have a “tribal” sound, a driving beat and described to have “crazy catchy, repetitive vocal lines in the chorus”. Insiders that have heard the track are saying its perfect for Top 40 and will be a huge hit for Gwen. Sources are saying that Gwen worked with OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder and Benny Blanco on the single.

Photo courtesy of Gwen Stefani.

19 Replies to ““Baby Don’t Lie” Heading to Radio Oct. 14 (Updated)”

  1. I’m thinking it will still be released on the 6th or 7th. Songs are often sent for radio adds a week after they’re released.

  2. There is so little info and I keep reading and reading hoping to uncover some mystery hahaha o the excitement !

  3. Interesting how the song is being sent to Pop instead of AC. I’m not sure it will be released on the 6th though. I noticed that they’re keeping the same date for Fergie (for radio).

  4. Are songs still.premiered on radio these days?
    Seems kind of a lackluster outlet. This is an important moment. it literally kickstarts her new solo comeback.
    A debut on the voice or just dropping the single out of nowhere seems more impactful. Interscope are stuck in the 90s

  5. I guess they’ll do it all at once on October 14th: Release the music video, put the single on iTunes and premiere it on radio. Will there be an episode of The Voice that day? Maybe there will also be a performance then. Seems impactful enough to me.

  6. Yes The Voice will air on the 14th too. I think only the first two weeks are pre-recorded shows, the 3rd week (13th and 14th) will be live shows, which would make sense for Gwen to perform live. Maybe Jenny can confirm it for us, since she knows better how it works.

  7. The voice won’t be live yet as the battle rounds were filmed in late August. Those take up another few weeks of the show airing. I’m sure the push back is the highlight her more on the show firat. have Gwen reconnect with the audience.

  8. @yeahyeahyeah WIU the was leaked in the first LAMB fashion show in 2005.
    Then released a year later, after she had Kingston.
    I’m hoping that the this new single doesn’t leak, looking forward to a good surprise.

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