“Baby Don’t Lie” Director Weirdcore’s Inside Look at Video’s Production

Photo courtesy of Weirdcore
Photo courtesy of Weirdcore

Experimental and flashy director Weirdcore has shared an inside look at Gwen’s “Baby Don’t Lie” 2014 video which they worked on.

The video has been added to their Portfolio page and includes and in-depth look at the outrageous and flashy animation sequences that were used throughout the video. For some fans, “Baby Don’t Lie” didn’t translate well, so it’s nice to have this to refer to for more insight into the rad creative direction and GFX.

For more from Weirdcore on the “Baby Don’t Lie” video, check out their official site.

Thanks to @DearNoDoubt for sending in the news tip!

9 Replies to ““Baby Don’t Lie” Director Weirdcore’s Inside Look at Video’s Production”

  1. I love the “Baby Don’t Lie” video. I can see the real art through it. And to me the song still has a lot of potential.

  2. I just thought the whole concept of Gwen being swept up in a movie-themed fantasy/dream thing was done 10 years ago so why go back?? And it had nothing to do with the song even remotely soooo ya.

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