April Elle Covers: Dress Look Familiar?

Hmm. We are proud of our detective work! We already knew that actress Amanda Seyfried would be cover the US edition of the April issue of Elle magazine, but we noticed we recognized her dress recently. Gwen has also worn the Prada dress… in her UK shoot with Elle! I guess they want to push the dress! Her look isn’t featured on the cover, but we hear it is included in the issue.

We all know Gwen worked it better of course. 😉

2 Replies to “April Elle Covers: Dress Look Familiar?”

  1. wow super photoshop job on the dress and on the boob side.

    Either the dress is a duplicate or they messed with the colored stripes on one of ’em.

    Gwen looks awesome even if she rocks a potato sack. lol

  2. yeah…the side boob thing looks weird. I guess maybe it’s because of her pose?

    Is there a full shot of Gwen in that dress?

    Amanda looks great in it, but she also has curves to pull it off.

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