Another Source Claiming New Solo Music From Gwen Coming This Year


In April, Hits Daily Double, a reliable insider source in the music industry, shared that another solo album for Gwen was “in the works”. Though Gwen has been vocal about not wanting to release anything on her own again, rumors have been swirling all year about another album on the way. Most recently, Gwen had been photographed with production duo The New Royales who confirmed they were working on new music together.

This morning, @salesmoss Tweeted that Gwen is indeed scheduled to release new solo material in “quarter 4” of 2014, along with U2 (whom are also mentioned in the Tweet). It seems to be another pretty reliable source — according to his Twitter profile, Paul works closely with Nielsen SoundScan, the official sales tracking method for music sales in the US and Canada, in London.

The internet is already buzzing about the news but still we feel like we should all wait for official word either way.

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  1. Her face looks a bit off in this picture…

    Jenny… did you remove the “comment” box that was on the right?

    1. I did for now. The tagboard was starting to get tons of spam and I’m not sure how to control it so I’m looking into other options. Its a bummer!

  2. I love how the comments are completely off topic. lol
    Anyway, No Doubt >>>>>>>> Gwen solo. Let’s see what’s in the cards. But it seems that she might release something for L.A.M.B.’s 10th anniversary.

    1. That was my thought, too. Possibly a re-release with new material for the album’s 10th anniversary (it’s already been 10 years?!) But I’m seeing and hearing from different people that shes working on a full third solo album. We’ll have to see!

  3. A solo album makes more sense with the recent career moves she’s taking. Getting out there with solo hit, revamping her brands. I know some people will say that it can be for ND, but it’s only her stuff that it’s been out there, so it’s a bit hard seeing how ND fits in all that. To be brutally honest, I’m hating the idea of her going solo AGAIN and putting the band in this never ending hiatus. I love Gwen, but I love Gwen, because she’s part of ND and all that she brings to the mix.

  4. I agree Cynthia, solo is not my favorite as I’m a fan of the band mainly, but I guess I’ll take what I can get at this point. We will see.

    1. True. It’s just being assumed its a third solo album but I’ll change the headline. It could be misleading until more info is out. Thanks!

  5. She is such a liar, whatever with her solo stuff, she will get tons of new fans and money, which is clearly her top priorities at the moment. maroon5? the voice? what’s next? oprah? new songs featuring black eyed peas and miley? She never respected the people who made her famous in the first place. I’m done here! I’m done waiting for No Doubt comeback. I have more than a decade waiting for decent music (sorry rock steady included hey baby and that was a spit on everyone’s face) – sucks to be a No Doubt fan.

    1. Wow! Hey Baby is pure No Doubt. If you can’t appreciate it for what it is, then it’s your problem, girl. I wish we had another record like RS, any day. That record was very experimental but ahead of its head.
      About Push and Shove it’s probably their most consistent album. People who can’t appreciate good Pop, need to double check what’s out there.

  6. Angie… sorry to inform but Gwen was on Oprah already. But I get your point on this one. Like I’ve said to my husband, we will always have TK and ROS ☺

  7. Gwen solo is always more interesting than most pop music out there. I don´t think she will be derivative or boring….in fact she has collaborated with another bland and corny artist before, Tim Rice-Oxley from Keane, and she made a great track with him. Maybe the same will happen with Maroon 5.

    I think people need to face the fact that No Doubt, as the same band from the 90s, has probably ended. The other band members are rich celebrities with families to look after, and maybe all they need at this point is to have work on their own producing and collaborating with other artists. I think all good things have a cycle. They already had a chance for a comeback and produced the execrable Push and Shove.

    P.S Rock Steady was a brilliant pop album ahead of its time and deserves no shortness of merit.

  8. ANGIE, in an interview, gwen said that no doubt lost inspiration, and it’s true that P&S was very under the others albums.

    so maybe, she gives up no doubt’s projects for the moment and she’ll come back with no doubt after third gwen’s album !!!

  9. We may be completely off and Gwen may just be releasing one single this year and that’s it. Gwen has a few businesses and from certain articles online they are not doing so good so I am sure that her exposure at this time is very crucial to the success of her businesses . Her priorities have clearly changed . She had the opportunity to put her name and her companies back out there with Push and shove however it was a commercial failure unfortunately. Gwen can take advantage of this exposure and release a brand-new album which I’m sure will be amazing or she can do very minimal work and re-released love Angel music baby on its 10th year anniversary and release bubble pop electric as the lead single. It’s ahead of its time and can be huge even in 2014.

    1. That would be ideal and a crazy good idea. Plus I think it would capitalize (even more) on “Hollaback Girl”, which seems to still have tons of steam left.

  10. @nxdboy out of curiosity, can u give a link about the articles online that states her businesses are not doing well?

  11. Its funny to see hardcore NDers in such denial LOL!! Homegirl is not the same girl in the orange fields in her 20’s— she’s now a very polished woman/mother in those bright Hollywood lights. We will never get another “excuse me mr.” or “ex-girlfriend” out of her cuz she’s not the same person!

  12. Is Gwen writing the songs? Because she always says that it’s difficult for her to write songs while working on another projects. I on’

  13. oops I don’t know why this happened, but I didn’t mean to put 2 comments. So I was saying: I don’t want another people to write songs for her, like they do to Katy Perry, Miley and the other pop acts.

  14. Even when other people write for Gwen she always step in. She’s not a fool. She knows that from the moment you have your name in the credits of a song you will get more royalties. That’s what she’s being doing for her solo material. 😉
    But it’s been a while, that I’m thinking that Gwen / interscope wouldn’t waste a chance of releasing another full length.

  15. I agree with those, who said that a solo album makes the most sense right now considering her latest moves. Trying to promote a ND record through The Voice would be much more complicated. I don’t think it’ll be some anniversary edition of L.A.M.B. though. My bets are on a full third solo album. I’m really excitited what she has been working on and I wonder how she will sound in 2014. At the same time I’m not really sad about ND. Let’s not forget that we just had a new ND album less than two years ago and let’s not forget how much hard work they put in it. Sure, the album didn’t do well, but it’s still rather new considering ND’s slow release pace. Also, ND can always release new music at any point, but Gwen’s time as a solo artist sure does have an expiry date… Maybe this is the last time and the final chance for her to ever release some solo material and make it up the pop charts. I guess she realized that after the P&S flop and who could blame her?

  16. Gwen could have had a MAJOR pop solo carrer after The Sweet Escape, but she went back with No Doubt to try to make a good record and even if they tried hard it wasn’t as good as the old records..I’m glad they did it because it gave me a chance to see them live even for a small concert.
    Gwen POP song are more clever and cool than anyother out there so WELCOME BACK GWEN!

  17. Anyone sitting here saying a No Doubt album would be hard to promote clearly hasn’t seen Maroon 5 go from nothing into touring their butts off, making three albums and riding the Voice train till it has nothing left…because of Adam. Its not like Gwen has never been seen as the “front” of the band before. The Voice is perfect for either angle, and for every Maroon 5 song on top 40 like it or not it works. Personally I am over Gwen. I want to see more Tony working with people like Pink, Adrian working with new groups to hear the depth of his sound and Tom to really reach out and see what all he can do with other bands and production. Its not that I don’t like Gwen, but there are three other people that have amazing talent and I look forward to seeing what else they can do outside of “No Doubt”.

  18. I am not excited at all for Gwen’s solo stuff. Why listen to a bunch of crap that we hear every day. She for sure will get people to write for her if it’s going to be released by the end of this year. I am basically over her now. I think Most of the problem with P&S is there wasn’t enough real music… Instruments! They’re a band and it sounded like a solo album. They should just re release those songs as Gwen’s solo album and it will probably sell. I love Gwen but because she’s cool and used to not be afraid to be who she was. Now she’s making duets with Adam Levine. I’ll listen to old no doubt stuff and she can go on tour and dance around with some harajuku girls. Good luck guys. Hope you find someone who enjoys making real music

  19. Whatever shape this takes I hope it’s soon. All ND fans do is hang around and take shots at speculations. Gets real tedious.

  20. Problem is that over the years we got a lot of practice on guessing their moves and next actions… Waiting for P&S did it for us.

  21. If people are over Gwen I don’t know why they bother commenting on these posts really, use the site obviously as you’re interested in No Doubt in general. Plenty of people still fully support Gwen whatever happens; I’d love the others to do loads of stuff besides, eg. when Tony worked with Pink, I think it’s good for them all; I feel like they’re not all feeling it these days though, it’s very different now to before, I doubt they all enjoy writing songs for an album which is attempting to appeal to the masses, when it’s not particularly their music tastes, it’s a job but in the sense of a job as a chore, Is it really so wonderful to be under mass pressure by managements and having this global image to keep up, whilst trying your hardest and worrying about failing? Family issues seems like a cliché but it’s incredibly real and there may be some family issues with some of them which could affect the band in general, who really knows? I feel like Gwen gets the blame a lot though and I genuinely don’t think it’s deserved, Gwen gets opportunities and in her position the pretty much anyone would take them…

  22. I don’t get why so many fans seem to be upset though. We got a new ND album in 2012 and now – only two years later – we will already get new music (that might be a solo album). Everything’s better than nothing at this point and it sure is a lot better than all this endless waiting. I know that ND somehow still “owe” us a new album due to their broken promise in 2013, but hey… sometimes things don’t turn our as planned and sometimes you just need to adjust your plans in order to move forward. At least we’re getting new music soon. We basically don’t know anything about what happened behind the scenes ever since P&S went down the drain, but we can see Gwen and the guys taking new chances again and trying new things. That’s such a huge step forward compared to what they’ve been up to from 2009 till 2012 where they struggled for years to get this album done. I’m just glad that we have actual things to look forward to now. At the same time I am sooooo over all these “fans” like Megan R, who say that they are over Gwen, because she isn’t the same as she was back in the “good old days”. Wake up people! Where have you been for the last 14 years?! Gwen is recording a song with Maroon 5 now… Oh boo-hoo. Have you heard of a song called “Let Me Blow Ya Mind”? What about “South Side”? Seriously, this isn’t the first time she is working with people from a different musical background. Actually Maroon 5 is still a lot closer to ND musically than Eve and Moby… Seriously, if you can’t accept the fact that Gwen AND the guys have changed (or let’s just say grown up) then why don’t you go and listen to Tragic Kingdom for the fifteen millionth time and just ignore everything Gwen/ND have done ever since 1995?

  23. Lmao YYY! You tell them , girl! 😉 I got agree with you though. Except that not everyone is excited about Maroon 5, but hey that’s personal taste. I’m sure their collab, will still rock in the end.

  24. I totally understand that not everyone is excited about the Maroon 5 collaboration and to be honest this wouldn’t really be my ideal collaboration either 😉 But I’m just excitited that we will hear something new from Gwen soon 🙂 I just don’t get people like Megan R, who blame Gwen for ruining everything because she’s working with Maroon 5 and who say that they miss “old ND” and “real music”. Seriously… The same complaints came up when Gwen worked with Eve, when ND released RS, when Gwen released her first solo album and when ND released P&S. Some people just seem to live in the past forever.

  25. @YEAHYEAHYEAH, totally agree!

    I personally don’t care who comes out with new music first, Gwen or ND, just as long as it’s new. It’s been almost 2 yrs since P&S come out. I slo loved all the collabs Gwen done in the past, especially with Eve and Moby.

  26. Unless there was a post deleted that I didn’t see, I don’t think Megan deserves that much scorn. She’s right, PS sounded like a 3rd solo album. Anyway, there’s no sense getting worked up over anything since Gwen or ND rarely follow through with what they say and this rumor seems weak to me and it’s not even coming from them. I’ll just continue keeping my fingers crossed I guess.

  27. Jenn, why do you delete some posts on previous news? I thought everyone can write his/hers opinion – of course insults or so are not ok in anyway…

    1. If you’re referring to the recent post on Gavin and Gwen, the comments were getting out of control. Most (if not all) of the comments came across as extremely hurtful and violating.

      I strive to let fans express themselves and have an open place to discuss the band but I won’t tolerate attacks on their personal lives. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I want to keep this a fun, informative and (mostly) drama free place for all fans (and the band themselves) to enjoy.

  28. ^ Luiza, people were extremely rude on the marriage post. I read very serious accusations w/o evidence. Props to Jenny for closing comments on that subject.

    1. For now I’m stepping away from candids but will share outfits from events and tours coming soon. If you’re looking for candids, I recommend following for daily updates. I’m also sharing links on Twitter to some that I find, too. Thanks for understanding!

  29. I don’t understand how some places get in trouble for candids, but others don’t?? Anyway, thanks for the link. I’ve actually missed the candids. I never thought I would!

  30. Nxd has taken a lot of shit since they became a commercial success. They lost a lot of OG fans when they released TK. Then lost tons of fans when they released ROS cause it wasn’t as poppy and happy as TK. Then peeps gave em shit for going pop with hey baby and hella good. I think one more summer could have been a huge hit if only radio stations played it. I think undone would have done great too. I think the record label just threw their hands up n gave up. I know nxd still has more in them and I would hate for this to be the end. I’ve been obsessed with nxd for almost 20 years I wouldn’t know what to do with my life haha

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