Another Batch of New Radio Interviews with Gwen (Updated)

Gwen has been calling in and appearing on more radio stations across the nation this week and is back to talking about her new single “Used To Love You” and sharing more details on her upcoming album. We’ll keep the post updated with the latest from the web as well as highlights from each interview.

In case you missed it, click here for her first batch of interviews that aired earlier this month.

104.3 Now FM

Gwen feels like she’s still the same person after all the years and her many successes. She couldn’t imagine having more on her plate now but is open to possibly writing for others in the future. Gwen shares that she validates herself in songwriting and felt like it would be interesting and different to write for others. “It doesn’t have to be super personal… I could see myself doing more like that.”

When asked about her new album, Gwen says that she met with her label yesterday and discussed which tracks may need to be left off the record due to it’s personal nature. Gwen admits it’s going to be really tough for her editing down and choosing the songs for the album. She also says that when she first started writing, she found herself really angry, but is now writing from a joyful place. Her first single “Used To Love You” makes the album “make sense” Gwen says.

Gwen is still writing but is still anticipating a release early next year. When asked if she was planning on incorporating any reggae or ska sounds into the album, Gwen shared that she’s thinking about reaching out to someone to work on possible songs in that direction.

Gwen feels confident in her team on The Voice and can see her artist Jeffrey Austin winning the whole thing. She also loves and could see Team Adam’s Jordan Smith taking it all, too.


94.7 Fresh FM

Gwen opened up and candidly discussed her recent separation with Gavin Rossdale during her short interview with The Tommy Show. She said that she “wish it didn’t happen” but has managed to get some joy out of the situation in the form of new music. “I wish that all this wasn’t happening, but… it was part of my life journey. In my life I’ve had two really bad heartbreaks, but I’ve written some really incredible music out of it. I feel like it’s part of what I contribute to the world and I feel really proud of that. There’s always good things that come out of bad things.” She believes that she now has a “second chance” and says that she has “a lot of joy right now.”

When asked how it is reflecting and performing some of her old material nowadays, she admits that she questions herself now on why she put up with her situation for so long. “Because of my situation right now … I feel like I go back and listen to a lot of that stuff and I get sick. You look at the song and go, ‘That was a red flag and that was a moment where I was feeling just as bad as I do today and why did I keep it up?’”

On touring, Gwen says that she would “love to do it” but finds it challenging with her three boys. She gives fans a little glimmer of hope however saying she thinks she could figure it out.


Mix 94.1

Gwen called into Las Vegas’ Mercedes in the Morning on Mix 94.1 for a quick interview. She discussed being pregnant during her first solo tour in 2005 and shared that she twisted her ankle before hitting the road.

Gwen tells the story about how the “Used To Love You” was never meant to be a video and herself and her team were having trouble before coming up with a concept for a music video. She ended up using the footage she shot with Sophie Muller used onstage in New York which was filmed the night prior in her rehearsal dressing room spontaneously.

She is finding healing in being able to comfort others and confirms that she’s “good” at the moment. Gwen says she feels honored to be writing the material she has been and being able to share it. Though her recent inspiration started in a dark place, she says that she would do it all over again in a sense.

In a round of rapid fire questions, Gwen shared that she drives a Range Rover, her essential item to have on the road is a toothbrush, her favorite candy is Peanut M&Ms, her favorite fast food is Del Taco, and she states that she’s never stolen anything and that she’s “not a stealer, a liar or a cheater”. Go, Gwen!


Star 101.3

In one of the best interviews of the day, Gwen called into San Francisco’s Star 101. 3. Gwen started off the interview suggesting that the DJs call her by a new name sharing that her nieces and nephews all call her “Sissy.” She told a cute story of how her brother Eric would yell out Gwen’s name in public to see if people would notice and freak out over her.

Going into the live Voice shows, Gwen said her nerves got the best of her but now feels settled back in. She says that the talent is really high this season and is swooning over Jeffrey. She shares that she has a special connection with Korin due to them both going through a transitional period in their lives. She feels like changing her teams looks on the show gave the artists a new sense of confidence.

Gwen said after giving birth to her third son Apollo she felt like it opened up a new chapter for her. She was caught off by surprise by getting pregnant and was praying that she would get inspired again. After calling the call from The Voice, Gwen felt like it was impossible for her to focus on music of her own so she reached out to the top hit makers to help her curate an album. “I had a whole record but it just felt wrong. The whole purpose of me is to write songs about my life. I don’t care and nobody else seems to care if I don’t do that.”

“The hardest thing I’ve ever done is be a mom.” She spoke about her three sons calling them a blessing. Though it’s been hard work, it’s been incredible for Gwen.

“I would be dead right now if I didn’t write this record.” Gwen spoke again about how she felt like she needed to write for her sake and not because she had to. “It saved me.” She says that she feels like she has a few more songs to write and is finding herself in a joyful mood in the studio. “The record started off quite sarcastic. I was really in a angry place when I started writing it and then it went through like a forgiveness phase then it went through like an acceptance phase and then it went though an ‘Oh my God… whoa… I’ve been saved… I have a new chapter! I’m in a new life!’ It went through a joyful period and I don’t know where I’m at now but I want to find out when I start writing again.”

Gwen updates fans that she still doesn’t know for sure when her new album will be out but is aiming for the end of February 2016. She says she “doesn’t feel like it’s done yet” and mentioned that she met with her label earlier this week to discuss the album.


93.1 The Party

Radio host Big D shared with Gwen that he was lucky enough to hear “Used To Love You” before she debuted it for the first time live in New York. She shared that she wasn’t certain she was going to perform the song. Gwen says that Sophie Muller flew out to New York with Gwen and they discussed prior to the show’s rehearsals what their concept for the music video should be and they were not coming up with anything. Gwen loves how spontaneous how everything has been for her and finds it really exciting to have new music on the radio again.

Gwen shared more from her recent label meeting saying the label listed songs that they would like to see on the record versus what she would like on the record. She thinks it’s going to be “heartbreaking” editing down the album and says she has over 20 songs completed. Gwen feels like she wants to continue writing but says she doesn’t have time right now filming the live shows for The Voice. Gwen compares writing this new record to Push and Shove saying that it sometimes took her months to finish a song and now she’s writing one every time she goes into the studio. “I wanna make the kind of record that really captures all of this. Capture it so I can look back on it and go, “Okay, I’ve tied that up and put a bow on it and I went through that and made it out alive and here I am on the other side’. The music is just going to do that for me.” Gwen feels more free than ever and not like she’s hiding anything from anyone any more while writing.

Gwen reveals that she would like to have the album come out “sometime in February”.


98.5 KLUC

Part 1

Part 2


Kiss 98.5

Click here to listen to Gwen’s interview with Kiss 98.5.

24 Replies to “Another Batch of New Radio Interviews with Gwen (Updated)”

  1. If Gwen incorporates Ska and Reggae sounds in her music as a solo artist that would mean only one thing: R.I.P No Doubt. Lol.

    But it’s Ok! Sounds awesome. At this point all I need is new music man! 😀 and I don’t care if it comes from solo or ND.

  2. No Doubt is gone. She won’t even discuss in interviews. Her people tell the interviewers not to ask. I have a friend in the business that was told not to ask No Doubt things or make mention of how long she has been around.

    1. Well, I feel like every time Gwen does something– she’s always asked, “OK– but what’s next”. Like– P&S came out, “when’s the next solo album?” /new solo album in works, “when’s the next ND album?” /BDL is released “Tell me about STF!” /– I think it’s to focus them right now on one thing at a time, and let the discuss be on topic– Gwen right now.

  3. ^ LOL drama llama. She’s promoting her solo stuff right now. It’s only normal her label doesn’t want her to discuss ND. She mentioned ND and the live shows last week anyway.
    Batcaver she has incorporated a bit of Ska on TSE and reggae on NTYGI.

  4. Yeah I agree ND is not dead just on hiatus for awhile..I really hope some of the songs that won’t make the cut are leaked

  5. I think everyone in the band need the space to raise their children and it rough to navigate the two as they exhibited during the push and shove era

  6. This will be her most honest solo album yet; the real solo Gwen. The other albums were just about having fun / a dance side project, but this will be something new for her. I’m so excited for this album like I’m usually excited for an ND album.

  7. OMG who hasn’t looked back at moments in a failed relationship and said, RED FLAG!! LOL It’s nice to see how much she has grown and learned from her last relationship. It’s important to find good things in a bad situation.

    That story about Eric is precious!!

    It pisses me off they are telling her to leave some personal tracks off the album! That’s what I love most about her songwriting…it’s personal and real and relatable.

  8. Whoa! No Doubt is not dead it’s called hiatus guys. I would love for Gwen to add some ska-ish into her solo album! Also, I really want to see Gwen live, but she has these super cute boys and I understand if she doesn’t go on tour. I’m fine with that, family first! I want to mention that I love seeing Gwen in red lipstick, yet I’m super happy with the nudes and pinks she’s been wearing (udxgs).

  9. Gwen has discussed the struggle she had writing and recording “Push and Shove,” and obviously the promised (but not delivered) 2013 No Doubt material – yet she’s so addicted to songwriting right now, so I wonder why she can’t write a song or two with No Doubt? *I know she has this songwriting team she likes, but still she’s writing with other songwriters for the new revised solo album as well.) It doesn’t have to be an entire No Doubt album, but what about putting a song out on a film soundtrack (like “New”)? No Doubt was originally going to put “Shine” out last year, during the scrapped Gwen solo #3 cycle… so why not still? No Doubt and Gwen solo coexisting are our best hope at this point. I think after “Push and Shove,” we may not get another No Doubt album but I do think they will still tour their greatest hits in the States somewhat regularly — similar to what they did this year. They played a lot of private shows this/last year as well (so I assume they’re in demand for such things), so you have to figure they’re happy to brush off that set and get a bit of cash, and have fun. I don’t think they’ll ever “break up.” And I couldn’t handle it if they did.

    1. I agree. I see maybe one more album 5 years from now and some random shows like they did this year and then maybe real tours when their kids are college age and older. I wish Gwen would use some of this awesome inspiration for ND, but I don’t feel she’s as close to them as she used to be. Plus it’s hard with all those kids between them! LOL

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