An Ode To Gwen Stefani

Style — After spying a flawless Gwen Stefani at the Condé Nast Traveler Hot List party in Las Vegas this weekend with a platinum side sweep, red lip, black-rimmed eye, and meticulously shaped brow perfectly intact, we couldn’t help but think that she wisely chose her beauty statements. Since breaking onto the scene in the mid-nineties, all four elements have made the trip with her from rock superstardom to wife and motherhood and back again, and while she’s been known to divert to a nude lip every once in a while, she pretty much keeps it consistent. Of course there were those other phases of life—the bindi phase, the brow-dazzling phase, and the hair-dye experimentation phase (Gwen worked pastel pink and blue streaks long before they became the fashion set’s accessory du jour)—but her core regimen has really gone unchanged for the past decade-plus, and she somehow manages just to keep looking better and better. Which is your favorite Gwen era?

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  1. Danilo has definitely made great looks thru this just blond decade. It is easy to identity different periods and eras thru each hairdo. We all want Gwen to remain blond since it is the ultimate pine-up look. I can not wait for the new look They both will come up with for new album ( pls recycle the sleek and very severe ponytail with a mini (or not so mini) bouffant at the front-!) As seen on 2005 L.A.M.B. show. I bet it requires huge quantities of hair gel and spray but so chic, such a trademark look for Gwen.

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