Amazing Paintings by Robin Punsalan

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We’re excited to share (and plug!) some stunning and thrilling pieces painted by artist Robin Punsalan. We had posted her piece of Gwen and the beautiful Afghan Hound (which I purchased for myself!) on our Facebook the other day but wanted to share more from her. Her paintings are truly unique and really capture No Doubt. Robin has said that she loves to paint to Gwen’s solos album because they bring her joy. We love showcasing fan art and this is some of the best we’ve seen.

No Doubt have featured her art on their Facebook and she also donated the Adrian piece for an upcoming charity auction for Cleveland Musicians Cares fundraiser in Ohio. Robin is super talented and we wish her the best! If you’re interested in buying any one of her prints, they are available on her Facebook.

5 Replies to “Amazing Paintings by Robin Punsalan”

  1. Hey,Kristin. You can message me on my FB Art page, which is linked in this article for pricing inf on my work.

  2. WoW!
    I am a fan of Robin Punsalan….so much so that I wanted to own one of her masterpieces. She graciously allowed me to purchase the original “Brigitte”! So excited!
    Just commented on FB about the great news of Gwen agreeing to be on The Voice next season… expressing how happy I am to hear that because I’ve been a serious “No Doubt” and “Gwen” Fan for years and years and years and years and….
    then discovered these pieces of “No Doubt” artwork are Robin’s creations! They’re gorgeous!
    What a special day for me……So Inspired !

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