adrian on upcoming ska sound on new album and gwen laying down vocals now

I downloaded and uploaded to our youtube channel a short video of Adrian talking with about the upcoming direction of the new album and then another short video of him saying Gwen was entering the studio with them soon.

“No. No. In fact we’ve gone back to the old a little bit. We’ve got some Ska songs and some Reggae songs. We’ll see how it turns out but this record has actually so far been done more organically than the last record. So far it’s been the three of us boys jamming and coming up with sections in a jamming situation, where we haven’t done that in years.”

“Gwen’s been on tour all this past year so she hasn’t started singing yet on the stuff we recorded but she’s going to start singing this month.”

Although there is no definitive release date the band plans to hopefully have the album ready by the end of 2008, followed by the inevitable No Doubt World Tour in support of the release.

thier manager is now saying early 2009.

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