Adam Levine Calls Gwen Collaboration A “Coincidence”

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In Adam Levine’s latest radio interview with Ryan Seacrest, he revealed that “My Heart Was Open” (Maroon 5’s new collaboration with Gwen) ended up being everything he had hoped it would be.

Adam revealed that Gwen was approached for the duet prior to her announcement that she would be working alongside him on the upcoming season of The Voice. He continued by saying “It’s serendipitous that she’s on [“My Heart Is Open”]. We decided to do it before she was on the show [The Voice], which is hilarious. Right before she announced the show, we got this going, so it was a total coincidence.”

Adam says that he loves the song so much and calls it “awesome”. “My Heart Was Open” was co-written with Sia and says that Gwen is “amazing” on it.

The song will be available to purchase on iTunes starting this upcoming Tuesday, September 2. The gorgeous has already made its way online and has been getting positive reviews from almost everyone.

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8 Replies to “Adam Levine Calls Gwen Collaboration A “Coincidence””

  1. I think they don’t need to justifier them self about coincidence or not.
    She only needs to give us a new big song (she has got probably in stock) at the beginning of the Voice. And every people will be happy and surprised to see back her.

  2. That song is just weak and it has no soul at all.disapointed about the duo.that doesn t work s not a killer song.she took the wrong path for the moment.sad.
    Waiting for new music asap.

  3. Why do always people expect Pop songs to be “killer”? Can’t you appreciate the song for what it is? Ok, I agree that it may not be one’s cup of tea, but you don’t have to like everything Gwen puts out. Just because you don’t like it, doesn’t mean it’s bad. Probably you were expecting a club banger but I’m glad that Gwen went for a ballad for a change.

  4. My friend who’s a big ND/Gwen fan didn’t like it too. It’s definitely not her best collaboration, to be fair. Maroon 5 isn’t also my cup of tea either but I thought this is a well-crafted song. I have been pleasantly surprised… I’m really looking forward to see them perform this live though. I’m sure it will sound even better!

  5. I’m really surprised that it’s a coincidence to be honest! I thought they’d just done it since they were judges on the voice together, I can’t believe Gwen was just randomly doing a collab besides this voice gig, though I guess she was still going to be working on new music regardless of The Voice, now The Voice is just a good platform to show off new music and to reach the masses…

  6. To be honest I didn’t believe him. I’m pretty sure it’s part of The voice’s contract to do a collaboration together.

  7. i think MHIO is a very good melody, but not the big hits that we used to have in her solo albums. After only the sell will speak in our place. We can’t know now. I look forward to hearing her on the radio !

  8. Haha totally not buying this “coincidence” story, but I don’t even care why and how they recorded this song. I think it’s a really great track and I’m glad it exists.

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