Adam Levine On Landing Gwen For The Voice: “Such a Score” (Updated)


Fellow Voice coach Blake Shelton also spoke with Yahoo! about Gwen saying again that he’d never met her prior to the news of her joining the cast for season 7 but loves and admires her passion. He says that you can’t help but respect her as a “a hard-working individual; the success of her band, her success as a solo act, and all the other — the fashion stuff”, which he says he knows nothing about but he hears about it from his wife, country superstar Miranda Lambert. Blake also says that he admires Gwen’s work ethic and he’s excited for her to be on the show.

Shifting gears, how do you feel about Gwen Stefani joining “The Voice”?

I love her. I’ve never met her, but clearly I’m a fan. You can’t help but respect what she’s done as a hard-working individual; the success of her band, her success as a solo act, and all the other — the fashion stuff, that I know nothing about but I know it’s a big deal because I hear about it from my wife all the time! I’m anxious to be around anybody like that, I think. I admire her work ethic and think she’ll be good for the show. I feel sorry for her, because she’s going to lose— to me —but I’ll be nice about it.


Current Voice coach Adam Levine spoke with Entertainment Weekly about the news of both Gwen and Pharrell Williams joining his side for season 7 of the hit singing competition show starting in June. He says that he’s very excited and looking forward to working with the two that are not only “tremendously accomplished” but also very “well respected”.

“I’ve been a fan of Gwen’s and Pharrell’s for so long — they’re both such inspirational people. They’re incredible, and it’s such a score to be able to get them on this show.”

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  1. Omg, Shakira has a very bad reputation here in latin américa. She’s known as one of the most sell-out artists in Colombia, and her music has changed a lot. I loved her early records, I don’t know what’s happening to her. Anyway, she’s talented woman.

  2. I agree. Shakira was such an awesome rock chick when she started. It seems as she is trying too hard to be über famous and the ex appeal has gone too far and too fake in my opinion.

  3. Has anyone else seen Shakira’s yogurt and toothpaste commercials?!… please don’t even go there Gwen!

  4. Thank you Adam for going blonde, if I squint I feel like she is standing next to Tom…and I feel almost complete. 😉

  5. i am so excited about Gwen joining the voice. i just hope she doesnt do all these cheesey collabs with the contestants and/or judges. A lot of the previous collabs with the judges like christina and ceelo have been super cheesey that I can make a pizza. unless it’s amazing Gwen, don’t do collabs!!! lol

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