Update: Selena Gomez Confirmed As Gwen’s Adviser for Season 9 (Updated)



NBC has confirmed to People magazine exclusively that pop singer Selena Gomez will be advising Gwen and her team for season 9 of The Voice kicking off next month. Reports surfaced late last month that Selena was set to advise but had yet to be confirmed.

In a new interview with Access Hollywood, Gwen says that someone like Selena is incredible to work with and admires her dedication and experience. “It’s just incredible to me to think of somebody that’s been doing it since they were a child, like it’s hard to understand it. The dedication and the years that she’s put in and to only be so young but have so much experience is kind of incredible.”

Though Selena is only 23, Gwen says she’s able to feed off her energy since she is in the process of “finding herself”. “I feel like I can feel her energy and like what she’s doing right now, she’s really blossoming and really coming to her own.”

Selena believes in Gwen and calls her an “ideal colleague” and has felt nothing but “good vibes” while working with her. “I’m learning a lot being here. I’ve been in a transition period with my music, so it is, like [Gwen] said, inspiring. I love being in the presence of women, especially women who are so comfortable in their own skin and support other women.”

When approached by Gwen to be on The Voice with her, the article said that it was a “no-brainier” decision. “First off, you don’t say no to Gwen,” says Selena. Access Hollywood also shared that Gwen specifically asked for Selena to advise her team.

When asked about what’s coming next from her, Gwen says jokingly, “I don’t know, who cares. Let’s do it. Let’s go wild!” Selena teases by saying she’s listened to Gwen’s new material.

Photo courtesy of People/NBC.

38 Replies to “Update: Selena Gomez Confirmed As Gwen’s Adviser for Season 9 (Updated)”

  1. Wow… that was a bad choice. She can be one of the “it girls”, but they have nothing in common. I’m sure this was not Gwen’s pick, but a commercial decision from the producers (a weird one).

  2. I agree, its a weird pairing. Even weirder is that hippy headband thing, they’re so dated and over done already. It doesn’t showcase Gwens iconic-ness. I think they look so silly

  3. I like how humble Selena seems to be.

    I don’t mind about Gwen’s headband. It’s something she has tried before. I don’t think it looks bad.
    Anyway I’m more interested in that print. Any idea if it’s L.A.M.B.? I love it!

    1. I’m assuming it’s L.A.M.B. but we’ll have to see. They did share that they were inspired by tribal prints again for this upcoming season.

  4. I don’t think the hair looks bad either. I am still sad about the plastic surgery she got last year though and her teeth.

  5. The hair I don’t mind, but that is a hideous outfit. The print isn’t bad, but the cut does nothing for her figure.

  6. Watched the interview on the AH website and not loving how they mentioned the divorce and how this time last year Gavin was Gwen’s mentor (before showing the interview), its so tacky to bring stuff like that up that aren’t relevant to the story!

  7. This is so sad to watch. Not at all necessary to bring up the divorce, I hope this type of reporting stops for Gwen and Gavin’s sake. It can’t be easy for them or their kids to have this keep popping up. Sadly we’re probably just getting started with this tacky journalism.

  8. Unfortunately that’s the way “journalism” is now. Her divorce will be mentioned for the rest of her career.

  9. By the way I dont know if anyone knows but Liz Hernandez use to be apart of Los Angele’s POWER 106’s morning show, and for years and years shed rave about No Doubt/Gwen. She even mentioned loving the Beacon Street Collection, so it makes me happy whenever she interviews Gwen because I know she’s a real fan

  10. There’s something wrong/weird about Gwen here (and I’m not talking about her face, hair, outfit, etc.)…

  11. ^batcaver – she seems a bit off to me too. I honestly think she’s just coping with an incredible twist of fate and doing the best she can, and I applaud her. To be in front of cameras moving forward with her career desite the end of her marriage, something we know has been paramount to her for so long- she’s strong as hell!!!! She’s amazing.

    Also, #teamheadband

  12. I guess her smile seems a little forced. I can’t blame her though. It must be terrible being in front of cameras and pretend everything is/was fine. It must be a struggle. But at least she’s keeping the ball going and I loved how she mentioned the new music. She even played some of the new stuff to Selena. So it somehow proves new music will be released at some point. 🙂

  13. I love Gwen’s outfit here….. If Gwen’s attitude here was real, I’d be happy that she felt okay now… Though I do feel like it’s a façade because they talk about her being this strong, powerful woman.. which Gwen definitely is but she also has this super soft lovey side and it’s a shame she’s probably trying so hard to hide that because of the show and the cameras! Then again, I don’t know what’s really going on behind the scenes… I just hope she will be truly happy sometime very soon!

  14. She does seem off but for someone so emotional going through a divorce and dealing with major life changes she’s doing amazing.

  15. She tries to keep it together but I guess we all sense there’s a certain sadness in her eyes. There’s something off…

  16. It’s ironic. Selena: “I love women who are so comfortable in their own skin”- looks over to Gwen sitting there with a frozen face.
    I always loved Gwen’s cute little teeth but they have just about tripled in size 🙁 maybe she needed veneers because her teeth got brittle from years of bleaching?
    Anyway I just think it’s weird for Selena to mentor Gwen. Selena pales in comparison to Gwen, she’s just a little pop singer and Gwen is an icon…

  17. yea her teeth do look funny. she used to show a lot of gum. i think maybe they recessed the gums, making the teeth appear larger. not dissing her. it’s kinda interesting to me.

  18. I agree with you people. We know her and we know she’s not ok here and that’s obvious. She’s off, poor Gwen. Her body is there but her mind is in another planet (maybe Saturn, who knows..) I hope she get well soon.

  19. Whoa people, are we really discussing her teeth now? Seriously?! *rolls eyes*

    And Selena won’t be mentoring Gwen but her team. It’s a different thing.

  20. That’s nice that Gwen is still excited about music. Maybe the solo stuff will see the light of day at some point. Maybe folks are just looking for things or maybe I’m just blind, but I really don’t see anything weird or off with her interview. While Selena wouldn’t have been my first choice as a mentor, I think her youth and excitement might rub off on Gwen. She tends to feed off of other people!

  21. I read that article about Selena joining The Voice as mentor and I decided to give her a chance. She’s been in the business since she’s been a child, so I’m sure she will give some great advice. And Gwen seemed excited to have her around. Btw have you guys listened to Selena’s new single “Good For You”? It sounds like something Gwen would sing.

  22. Yeah, and I don’t know if Gwen appreciated the whole “older women” thing the interviewer was rambling about.

  23. I actually think the opposite. They seemed at ease. Selena is super excited!
    Gwen isn’t that delusional. She knows Selena is half her age. So I don’t think she cared about the “older women” thing.

  24. I also agree with YYY… I also do feel like something’s off with her in this interview & maybe Selena felt/sensed that and kinda rubbed off on her. Even if its your first time meeting someone, you can feel when there full attention and mind isn’t present.

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