5 Ways Gwen Stefani Is Cooler Than You

Yahoo! — Every year we make New Year’s Resolutions to break bad habits and pursue our dreams, and the next year we’re back, making the same resolutions. Then there’s Gwen Stefani, who has obviously been making lists and checking them off since she first had a vision of her future career. Singer, fashion designer, and actress. Wife and mother. Gwen has worked hard and earned her success, and until you follow your own aspirations and inspirations, here are 5 reasons why she’s cooler than you.

She Went from Band Girl to Solo Superstar: Starting out her career as just a girl in her brother’s band, Gwen Stefani eventually became the iconic front-woman of No Doubt, writing songs and pouring her love and loss into each vocal performance. In 2001 she branched out to do a duet with Eve, “Let me Blow Ya Mind,” for which the duo picked up a Grammy. In 2004, Gwen Stefani released her first solo album, “Love. Angel. Music. Baby,” a smashing success that People reported sold over half a million copies in the first two weeks alone. The 2006 follow-up “The Sweet Escape” propelled Gwen Stefani further into stardom, solidifying her status as the coolest and most successful pop diva around.

She Made Her Fashion Dreams Come True: When Gwen Stefani was a little girl, her mother taught her to sew, igniting her lifelong love of fashion. When No Doubt broke out with album Tragic Kingdom, Gwen’s fashion mix of modern and retro, punk and glam styles landed her on the covers of magazines. Standing out from the crowd with her pin-up style white blond hair and ruby red lips, a fashion icon was born. In 2003 Gwen Stefani launched her own fashion line, L.A.M.B., the name matching her first solo album “Love. Angel. Music. Baby.” “I’m literally designing for myself,” she told People magazine. “I get to wear the clothes and enjoy my little dream come true.”

She Makes Her Relationships Work for Her: After dating for 7 years, No Doubt bassist Tony Kanal ended his relationship with Gwen Stefani in 1993. Gwen therapeutically poured her angst into song, creating the album that put No Doubt on the map: Tragic Kingdom. Gwen Stefani rebounded nicely by dating and eventually marrying gorgeous singer Gavin Rossdale, with whom she now has two children, Kingston and Zuma. Gwen even found inspiration in her earlier break-up for her first solo album, writing about her ex-to-friends relationship with Kanal entitled, of course, “Cool.”

She Created an Awesome Accessories Line for Her Fans: The L.A.M.B. designer fashions have designer prices, so Gwen Stefani created Harajuku Lovers, a more affordable line of jewelry, handbags, stationary and more that celebrates her personal style and appeals directly to her fans. Most of the colorful, playful designs include Japanese manga chibi style versions of Gwen and her ever-present back-up dancers, the Harajuku Girls (aka Love, Angel, Music and Baby.) You can’t get any cooler than pretty accessories, tons of bling, adorable chibi girls–and all for a reasonable price.

She Honors the Past: Gwen Stefani proves that you can move on to other ventures without trampling on the past–and the people of your past. Despite her successful careers as a solo pop star and fashion designer, Gwen Stefani still hangs with her original band mates. NME reports that No Doubt will have a new album and world tour for 2011, with the bonus of a nostalgic nod back to one-hit wonders of the ’80s. How cool is that?

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