5 Marketing Tips from A New Generation Of Celebrity Entrepreneurs

In a new article from Forbes, they list 5 tips from a new generation of celebrity entrepreneurs and Gwen is one of them. From her two hugely successful clothing lines, fragrances, makeup campaigns, movies, music… it seems like Gwen has done it all! In the article they say that Gwen has always played on her strengths and passions including fashion and music.

Forbes — When we think of celebrity entrepreneurs, names like Paul Newman and Oprah Winfrey typically come to mind, but today, an entire new generation of celebrity entrepreneurs is making strides in the business world. These celebrity business men and women have something in common. They all benefit from instant name recognition and brand awareness, but they don’t all follow the same path to attain success in business.

I’ve always been a proponent of taking a page from celebrity marketing plans for brand building, and we can do the same with celebrity entrepreneurs and business development. Following are 5 marketing tips you can learn from celebrity entrepreneurs who are finding success not just in the world of entertainment but in the world of business, too.

2. Focus on your strengths and passions

Gwen Stefani loves music and fashion. When she decided to start a fashion line with a alternative pop-inspired style that would appeal to her existing female audience as lead singer for No Doubt, she chose the brand name L.A.M.B., an acronym for the title of her first solo album, “Love. Angel. Music. Baby.”

Stefani’s business has expanded to other areas of fashion and accessory design to include a children’s line, and a brand of bags for Apple devices, Harajuku Lovers. Her passion for music and fashion helped her build a brand that brings in $90 million each year.

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