45 Of Gwen’s Best Red Carpet Looks

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Socialite Life has put together an awesome slideshow showcasing some of Gwen’s best looks on the red carpet recently. It’s nice to look back at her style over the last few years and how she’s evolved into such the star she is today. What are some of your favorites?

Socialite Life — Gwen Stefani is a friggin’ rock star, in every sense of the word. Nearly every red carpet look of hers is brave, but sexy and whether her lipstick is pale or fire engine red, Stefani always manages to look flawless. Ever since she stepped into the spotlight with No Doubt, Stefani has managed to steal the show with her ensembles.

Whether she’s at the Golden Globes or the VMAs, Stefani always has her game face on (and it doesn’t hurt to have a date like Gavin Rossdale). Even her kids are cool. No. Fair.

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