12 Signs You Were (Or Are) a “Gwenabee”

This was too perfect to not share. Buzzfeed has posted a must-do list of things that you did that showed signs you were a Gwenabee back in the day. From the mini-buns, bindis, hot pink hair dye… it’s all here! I love articles like this because it’s so true and so me and really fun to look back on.

1. The message on your answering machine was the chorus from “Spiderwebs.”
Sorry I’m not home right now / I’m walking into spiderwebs / So leave a message and I’ll call you back.

6. Like fellow Gwenhead Laris Oleynik, this is how you dressed for the school dance. (With a cardigan over your midriff before leaving the house.)

9. You experimented with Manic Panic in “Hot Hot Pink.”

11. You almost wanted braces.

12. And you would have ripped out this magazine page…even though you already knew everything it told you.

Click here to check out the rest of the list. Thanks to Paul for sending over the link! Definitely made my morning!

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