10th Anniversary Release of Love.Angel.Music.Baby.


Today marks the 10th anniverary release of Gwen’s debut and iconic solo album, Love.Angel.Music.Baby. The album was released on this day back in 2004 to millions of eager and curious fans. Gwen started to come up with ideas directly after touring with No Doubt in 2003 for an inspired dance record of her own.

The album launched many hit singles: “What You Waiting For?”, “Rich Girl”, “Cool”, “Luxurious”, “Crash” and “Hollaback Girl”, which made history by being the first digital single to sell over 1,000,000 copies. Love.Angel.Music.Baby. also spawned a super successful US tour (Harajuku Lovers Live was released the following year on DVD), tons of notable performances and appearances and awards and nominations for the album including Grammys and Billboard Awards.

Gwen collaborated with many hot producers and writers at the time that included Linda Perry, Andre 3000 (of Outkast), Dr. Dre, Dallas Austin, The Neptunes and even Tony.

The album debuted at #7 on the Billboard charts selling over 300,000+ copies it’s first week. Currently, Love.Angel.Music.Baby. has sold over 7 million albums worldwide.

Love.Angel.Music.Baby. is a pop classic and we’re really thankful that Gwen stepped out of her comfort zone and created some incredible music. This album era was also the beginning of Gwen’s fashion empires and also spawned leftovers and ideas that would go into a second solo adventure with The Sweet Escape in 2006.

Gwen still continues to breathe life into her history making single “Hollback Girl” with recent performances on The Voice and live in concert.

After 10 years, we’re curious which track from Love.Angel.Music.Baby. is your favorite. Thanks for voting!

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  1. This was the album that really made me fall in love with gwen. After hearing this album I went out and bought no doubt the singles and immediately became a huge fan. It is probably my favourite album because of nostalgic reasons and all the songs have held up really well ten years later. Its very hard to pick a favourite. I have been listening to danger zone a lot lately so I voted for it. I think gwens creativity peake during this era. I remember she was everywhere in 2005!

  2. I’m in the minority, but there are quite a few songs on LAMB that I don’t like. However, I think her creativity was at its peak during this era and she let loose on her fantasies. I was glad I saw her on tour, even though it wasn’t as enjoyable as a ND show.

    My fav track is Luxurious (with Cool being a very close 2nd).

  3. It’s almost impossible for me to pick just one favorite track, there’s is basically no filler on this album. I know some people consider “Harajuku Girls” to be some sort of filler song, but hey after all this track explains the whole album.

  4. Google has November 12th …too. It’s everywhere that had it November 12th.i remember seeing a lot of fans posting about it a couple weeks back …that’s why when I saw this post ..I was like what?

  5. I remember having a low quality leak of the album like 2 weeks before the official release. Harajuku Girls used to annoy the hell out of me because the sound was so distorted. IT was such a relief when I finally got to hear in HQ when I got the album.

  6. Cool hands down. Having a son with the middle name Harbor, that song use to kill me for YEARS after he passed away. Now it brings me great comfort.

  7. This was the perfect guilty pleasure album. Every track could have been a single in their own right. It was the soundtrack to my 20s when things start to get better 🙂

  8. this is one of my all-time favourite albums EVER! like one of the previous posters, I listened and fell in love with Gwen, then went out and bought the entire ND backlog and fell in love even more. Saw her in the UK on TSE tour and it was amazing. still waiting for ND live though! 🙂

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