Video: “Spark The Fire” Premiere

Who got the lighter? Gwen released her new video for the second single from her upcoming album expected early next year for “Spark The Fire”.

The adorable emoji-driven music video, directed by Sophie Muller, features Gwen coming down from her cloud all dolled up then blasts us into dance club scenes. The video is full of colorful and fresh graphics which compliments gorgeous Gwen in scenes alongside black and white backdrops. The song’s producer and co-writer Pharrell Williams also makes appearances throughout the video.

If you haven’t already, make sure to purchase “Spark The Fire” and support Gwen! We’ll have screen captures from the video up later this evening.

5 Replies to “Video: “Spark The Fire” Premiere”

  1. It’s a great video. I think that this time around Sophie and her team got it all together. Loving Gwen’s attitude in the video.

  2. I like the video, it’s not Gwen’s best one, but it’s cool! And I am tired of listening people saying “It’s not better than WYWF”, Ok! but now it’s other era and it’s 2014… things change and Gwen is doing her best, by her way… and this is one of reasons that makes me like her so much! WYWF video is on youtube for everybody that wants to watch it, so if you prefer WYWF, go there and watch… Sorry, but I like No Doubt and Gwen so much, and these comparisons are so boring…

  3. I like the video because Gwen seems spontaneous,natural, fun, not too serious. And it’s true that the video follows well the rythmic of the song

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