Tom Officially Now on Instagram

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Tom has revealed on Twitter this afternoon that he is now on Instagram! So far, he’s posted some rare goodies for fans including one of himself and Tony backstage in Japan and one with producer Matthew Wilder during the Tragic Kingdom recording sessions in 1994 and a couple of his gorgeous guitars. So far we’re intrigued and we can’t wait to see what he shares with us next!

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4 Replies to “Tom Officially Now on Instagram”

  1. So weird how he hasn’t posted any pic of him with Gwen. Ok Gwen’s in that last one but I mean similar to the ones he posted with Tony and Adrian. Tom seems kind of distant from Gwen for some reason… I’m intrigued.

  2. Give him time, he just joined 🙂 I think he and Adrian have always been closer anyway.

    I’m looking forward to some personal snapshots of the band! Anything new is exciting at this point LOL

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