Photos: New Harajuku Mini Bedding

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Harajuku Mini has shared a few closeup photos (and prices!) of some of the upcoming bedding line available at select Target stores starting February 17. Seriously, I cannot wait to get one of the fleece throws and G pillow!

Harajuku Mini Cuddle Pillow – $19.99
Harajuku Mini Fleece Blanket – $24.99
Harajuku Mini Fleece Throw – $14.99
Harajuku Mini Twin Sheet Set – $21.99
Harajuku Mini Twin Comforter – $32.99

8 Replies to “Photos: New Harajuku Mini Bedding”

  1. Does anyone know how to find out which Targets will have this? I asked around at Targets and no one seemed to know.

    1. Jake, my recommendation is just to call your local stores. It seems like it’s pretty hard to find on launch day (most stores have no idea what fans are talking about once they’ve called about it). We will try and get item numbers for the products once they become available to make things a little easier.

  2. Done of my target stores have it I’m really sad we called 2 stores none have it there are probley 2 stores in the. World that have it

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