From The Vault: New York City 1996


No Doubt shared their first rare gem from their much anticipated “From The Vault” feature! The band has promised to share never-before-seen footage with fans over the next few months and this is wonderful! Check out a photo of the band posing together in New York City prior to their show held at the Tramps Nightclub back on April 14, 1996.

Fans may recognize this photo from the band’s “Running” music video montage.

7 Replies to “From The Vault: New York City 1996”

  1. Well, did you seriously expect something else? That’s why I warned people to get carried away by this whole vault thing. Maybe they’ll share some more exciting things later on, but for now this is pretty much what I expected. But it’s still a really cool picture and I think it’s nice to have it in better quality, even though it is obviously not “never seen before content”. I just love(d) Adrian’s “satan” horns back then!

  2. Pharrell announced his new solo LP today. No track list yet.
    If Gwen were to be featured on anything, it would be this. I guess we would have heard something, but still a maybe….

    1. I think that Pharrell was working with No Doubt on their new album that seems to be abandoned at this point. One can hope though!

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