Eve Hopes to Work with Gwen Again

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In a new interview with Digital Spy, rapper Eve commented how she would love to work with Gwen again in the future and considered having her on her new album. Eve says she would love to come together again especially at this time in their lives saying “we’re older now, and I’d love to see what we’d create.”

Gwen and Eve have collaborated twice in the past on the 2001’s Grammy Award winning “Let Me Blow Ya Mind” and again in 2005 with “Rich Girl”. The ladies seemed to have maintained a very healthy friendship over the years and have been spotted together over at recent events. They have had such great chemistry in the past and we would love to see and hear something again from both of them.

Digital Spy — Back in 2001, Eve went from reasonably successful US rapper to global star after teaming up with Gwen Stefani for the Grammy Award-winning track ‘Let Me Blow Ya Mind’.

Did you consider collaborating with Gwen Stefani again for the LP?

“Oh yes! I would love for me and Gwen to get in the studio now – where we both are now. Both of our lives have changed so dramatically since that song. We’re older now, and I’d love to see what we’d create. Hopefully that will be happening at some point – we’ll put the call out.”

3 Replies to “Eve Hopes to Work with Gwen Again”

  1. Oh I really hope to see another collaboration! It would be awesome. She’s so much better than those female rappers. I’m rooting for her.

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