DREAMCAR Featured in ‘Alternative Press’ Magazine; New Photo

Photo courtesy of @tylerxcii

DREAMCAR is featured in the latest issue of Alternative Press magazine with a new interview and photo shoot with Steve Erle. The article praises their unique sound and lists standout tracks such as “Do Nothing”, “The Preferred” and “Show Me Mercy”. It’s great to see the guys getting the recognition they deserve and we hope to see more photos like these!

On a related note, DREAMCAR also shared another new photo from Steve Erle as well on Facebook.

Photo courtesy of DREAMCAR/Steve Erle

2 Replies to “DREAMCAR Featured in ‘Alternative Press’ Magazine; New Photo”

  1. They’re amazing! Saw them live, and can’t wait for them to come back (PLEASE)! I knew I was going to their shows to support them all, but had no idea I’d actually LOVE the music. My favorites are After I confessed, The Preferred, Ever Lonely, and Do Nothing! 🙂

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