BSO’s Birthday: Celebrating 13 Years!

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Today is the big day! On this day, February 1, 1999, I launched my first No Doubt fan site, *Bathwater* The Return of No Doubt back on gURLpages (some of you might remember them!) It was my first attempt at running a website and why not do it in honor of my favorite band since early 1996, No Doubt. All decked out in Return of Saturn, it quickly grew into my number one passion and my hobby. Now, 13 years, and a few server/domain/name changes later, Beacon Street Online is the longest running No Doubt fan site and I couldn’t be any more prouder! I’ve made many new friends (including my wonderful co-webmasters, Dave, Christina, Geo and Anne!) and BSO has taken me literally on adventures and experiences that have been out of this world. The whole staff was lucky enough to be invited by the band personally backstage on the 2009 tour and I was even given a pass into the friends and family show. Pretty surreal for me whom never thought I would ever meet them, let alone see them up close in Seattle! The band also continues to be huge fans and supporters of the fan site, which is an amazing feeling for us. All of our time and efforts are made out of love for the band and for the fans. We will continue together on the amazing adventure the band will bring us to in the new era! And with that, I also want to thank the band, our loyal and dedicated visitors over the years, former and fellow No Doubt webmasters, Tweeters and friends — thank you! Seriously, without all the love and support of the years, it would be really hard to keep the passion alive, but the band also has this mysterious power over me. But enough about me, we have some big announcements to share with everyone! Starting with:

#1 Everyone welcome the wonderful Anne (formally of to the BSO staff! She will be behind the scenes helping with media and also updating her beloved famous gallery, which brings us to the next surprise…

It’s back! You may have been hinted by it, but we contacted Anne earlier in the month after she revealed that her beloved would be shutting down. We not only wanted to help preserve all of her hard work and iconic gallery that still continues to be the best of the best. Her full gallery is back! We have kept her layout and navigation the same and she will continue to update it while time permits. I will keep everyone up to date with the latest in BSO’s posts.

We have teamed up together to also bring our photo archive, Doghouse Gallery, a brand new layout (though temporary!) and look to the gallery. Something new, fresh and easy to navigate. Doghouse Gallery is now the only destination you need for your photo needs, now hosting over 135,000 No Doubt photos and graphics. Pretty amazing!

Thank you again to Tom, Gwen, Tony, Adrian, Erin, Eric Keyes, Eric Stefani, No Doubt’s management team, our visitors, friends, fellow webmasters and my amazing, amazing staff: Dave, Christina, Geo and Anne for seriously bringing my dreams and ideas to reality and making BSO something that I never imagined it would be! <3333 BSO has the best supporters behind us! Bring on the new era! Thank you again to our visitors for the hundreds of Birthday wishes! We really appreciate every single one! Also a special thanks to Conor for letting us use his amazing photos for our celebration!

13 Replies to “BSO’s Birthday: Celebrating 13 Years!”

  1. Love the new link and lovin’ the new layout. I love decorating with a No Doubt theme, there are so many different directions to go in, and they’re all great! I’m excited for this new partnership. Again, happy birthday BSO!

  2. happy birthday bso!!! and welcome back anne. great to see the jnd gallery back. i loved it. you find what you’re looking for in a few seconds…bravo 🙂

  3. Aww, thank you everyone for the Birthday wishes! We are all super stoked everyone are enjoying the new galleries!

    Amanda, running a fan site is pretty hard work, and we have joined with in perserving all her hard work. Anne will continue to update when time permits, so I wouldn’t worry. 🙂

  4. I am a convert from the former JND, and I am quickly growing to love this site as well, but I am very happy to see that not only will Anne be joining what already seems to be a capable crew, but that she will also be bringing her incredible gallery with her. <3

  5. Congrats you guys I Love your site! I am very excited about the edition of Anne and jnd that was my first No Doubt site I started following!

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